Mirage III

When the Mirage IIIC has been release, it was such a good dogfighter but some update later, it became very bad at turns. I understand devs try to be realistic but a Mirage III can’t turn less than a MiG 21. This is not balanced so it could be cool to nerf MiG 21 (all variants) or buff Mirage IIIC/E. What is your opinions ?

SMT to 10.7, that thing fight flareless 104J.

first two turns are when the mirage and mig can pull too much AOA. after that their capability drops with speed. they’re delta wings after all. the mig has realistically slightly better slow speed manoeuvrability as it has distinct elevators.

They artificially limited the amount of AoA you can pull in many delta’s through the instructor. Mirage and Draken specifically suffer for it. Too many people couldn’t manage their elevator input and just dropped from 1000 kph to stall speed in a single turn, so now we have this.

Funnily enough when you deploy airbrake on the mirage you can suddenly pull an large amount of AoA at speed, but also rip your wings off. It’s some real quality FM, epic standard.