Mirage F1C bug

Hey hqs anyone been having this bug with the Mirage F1C where the Radar nissiles act like IRs and vice versa. My Radars whkch are the 530f and the R530 are not working correctly, they can be flared and I can only lock on a target when they are super close, on the other hand the rear aspect IR missile, I can shoot at all aspects. I tested this with a R30E and I can shoot it head onto an enemy. Can someone help?

thats normal its not flares its chaff defeating your lock gaijin kinda has way oversimped chaff you can just throw it out on any pulse guided missile to defeat it irl you need to actually blind the radar with chaff and yes the 530E will lock on front aspect and normally miss what its picking up is the heat of the airframe if he supersonic BUT like I said its a bad shot to try normally yea u sometimes get hits tho…The next Mirage has CW guidance so people cant chaff your missile they need to notch or get very low

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Yea ive tried but the missiles just kind of miss even when they look like they are going to hit, do you have any reccomendation for the loadout I should run on it?

Also whouldn’t the chaff take off the radar lock? Because my radar is still on the target before the missile misses

It has Matra 2’s I thought those are very good all aspect ir with IRCCM so if they flare and nott turn it will still hit but they also last missile to grind so if u dont have them yet that wont help much… It was a pretty bad grind for me so I am bad person to ask I just used it to get to Mirage 2000 and that jet is well worth the pain but only 4 missile kinda suks still …I honestly just used radar missiles for bots with it and the matra 2’s for players and also was bombing after my first loadout with matra 2 and bombs only (if i made it back of course)this got the mirage 2000 ground faster than just trying to fight other players with better jets…on a downtier it was ok jet but those games where rare

I mean yea the mirage f1c is a premium so I do have the matra 2s, I thought the radars whould be a little better tbh so ill probably go with some matra 2s and some bombs, thanks for the help

Oh yes they far better missiles and like I said throw some bombs on bases and you will get to the good stuff faster .Its good premium for grinding but grinding means maxing out research potential and if all you do is try to fight stuff with better weapons on equal footing any jet will have hard time my fav french jets are the Mirage IIIE and all Mirage 2000’s very good jets but have limited weapons only 4 missiles means you gotta be sneaky for most part or encounter people making huge mistakes either way I loved those jets once spaded gl on your grind and dont worry you didnt waste your money once you learn when people cant dodge those matra 2’s they will get surefire kills any shot behind at 1 km will not be flared

the bug is valid my mirage f1/f1ct is duing the same thing

It’s not valid, you just don’t understand how the game mechanics work.

this is right its not a bug

The radar missiles the F1C uses are pulse not sarh , which means 1 SINGLE chaff will defeat them