Mirage F1C-200, good idea?

Hello everyone !

I’d like to take advantage of the upcoming Christmas sales to get the Mirage Premium, what do you think?

Do you have any feedback on this aircraft? Is its br good?

Thanks to all of you! :)

The mirage F1C-200 is decent, and the magic 2 kicks ass, but its not easy to play. If you have some experience with air rb at 10.0 + it will not hold you back, but for new players it can be difficult to use

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I loved mine. Excellent grinder for getting through the French tech tree and great multirole since you can carry enough bombs for one whole base and 2 magics + the longer range IR missile (R530E). Ensuring a pretty substantial amount of RP regardless of how well you do in PVP.

I personally only fly in sim, but when I want to get through a tech tree fast I go to Air RB since that game mode brings in roughly twice the RP that sim does.

It’s BR in Air RB is 11.3 (11.0 in sim), and up tiers are very common, so I can’t say too many good things about the matchmaker.


Thx you a lot for the answer mate, i think i gonna take him.

Can’t wait for the mirage 4000 and Christmas sale :P

Thx for answer mate !

Don’t worry i’m ok with the top tier experience, i played a lot of time with my toptier US three :)

I would lower my hopes a little. The last sales weren’t necessarily good. There is a good chance the F1 won´t be on sale.

Really? :X
All premium is not at -50% at all christmas sale?

The last sale was pretty good (1-2 months ago), the mirage was included in it to 50% off. I would be hopeful for the sale :).

The summer sale this year was a real let-down though

Summer sale, anniversary sale and Black Friday sales were all worse than the years before. Don´t get me wrong i hope it will be on sale for you but there is a good chance the christmas sale will also be worse than the years before. Just lower your hopes a bit. :)

You only have 2 good missiles , the magic 2s , when used properly I’d give them a 80% guaranteed kill chance. But your other 3 missiles are trash , the radar missiles might be the worst at this tier , they will get decoyed by 1 single chaff.

R530E is a meme machine missile , slow as hell but it’s funny killing people with it.

The plane itself feels nice nothing amazing but nothing bad. You have many flares so you can turn on auto flares during fights.

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Sadly, my prediction was correct. I hope you are not too sad.

Hey mate ! Dont worry i’m already in my mirage 4000 :D

I had buy the mirage premium the 20th cause i dont wanna wait lmao

All fine, thx bro !

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Wow! That was fast!

Enjoy it, I’ve flown Mirage2000 quite a lot. It’s lovely