Mirage 4000 questions

Hi everyone!
I’m (soon) the proud owner of the Mirage 4000, finally after so much time grinder :)

To celebrate, I’m coming to you to find out if you have any useful information, tips or knowledge to share with me about this magnificent jet.

Did you have somethings or funny moment to share?

I’ve been used to the USA toptier for a very long time, but the Mirage will be the first jet from another nation that I’ll be flying, and I’m really looking forward to it!

Thank you all and enjoy the game

The M4K is very sensitive to higher fuel loads and bricks up considerably. Lower fuel amounts allows it to really shine. (obvious but it’s very pronounced on the M4K compared to other jets)

In the current meta Magic 2s will be your primary armament. Super 530Ds are fine in a vacuum but with multipathing and ground hugging meta they tend to not be as reliable in the knife fight furballs.

M4K gets a disappointingly small amount of CMs compared to planes like the Gripen, F-14 and 15s and so on. It’s definitely usable but you can’t spam the high frequency periodic like other planes can.

It’s a fun plane and congratulations on getting to top tier.

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