Mirage 4000 Flare/Chaff count

Now that chaff and flares are seperated, the 4000 is missing a boatload of chaff that was said would be added with the seperation.

I’d like to see some love given to one of my favorite planes. It’s also missing the ability to carry more guided bombs on the wings, and SARHs on the belly


They did state that a big reason for the Split CMs was to enable aircraft like the Tornado IDS to get their missing 1200 chaff. Im guessing the same is true of any and all aircraft like the Mirage 4Ks. At least I hope

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Oh I didn’t even know this. So much bias then for France since the Aim9 pylon (POL?) can just count the number of chaff but M4K counted the flare lol.

Good lord 1200?

Yep… and thats only the BOZ pods (600 chaff each pod alongside the current 28 large calibre flares)

Tornado Gr1 (and only because evidence hasnt been found for the other nations yet) can get 2x BOL for 320 more CMs ontop of that.

Do you have link to that report?

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The bug report for the 1200 chaff was an internal bug report by Gunjob, so no. the statement about the Tornado IDS should be getting 1200 chaff at some point is linked in the reply you replied too

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Oh hey, the bug report maker, thank you for your work!

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I hope that’s true, I really do. I just don’t believe that they will after the nerfs to countermeasures in the last year.

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Im pretty sure a few days ago smin confirmed what was said about the tornado