Mirage 2000C-S4 - Just why? And who?

As a self aware human being, who want’s to have some fun in this game - I played a few 11.0 games in my mig-21. And only today for some reason I started meeting those monsters and their skill challenged pilots. I have no problem with the plane itself, but rather with one of it’s missiles. I’m talking about Magic 2. Dude literally launched it front aspect, knowing that it’s a front aspect shot - I deployed 1 set of flares without cutting the AB, while monitoring the trajectory, then upon realizing that it’s not changing I quickly deployed 5 more, but guess what? I just ended up with a missile in my air intake, thankfully I continued flight without any major problem and quickly destroyed the whole enemy team (as you can see on a screenshot) but I was wondering about 2 things. First - why 12.7 missile plays against 11.0 planes? And the second - who exactly made this decision? If I recall it correctly Magic missiles got buffed not that long ago, if they did, than why didn’t this plane have gotten a br nerf? Or just deprived of those missiles in the first place? Out of 6 battles today I’ve met them like 4 times, and 2 of them I ̶d̶i̶e̶d̶ won because of seemingly unflarable missile.

You know, I’m honestly surprised it tracked in front aspect
Usually most of my front aspect shots are too close (missiles fails to detonate because of fuse delay) or they are flared away.

The reason probably is that neither C-S4 or C-S5 can carry 4 Magic 2s, unlike 5F. So you are only stuck with 2 Magics 2s and two S530Ds.

I may sound harsh but try to flare preemptively. Chances are that missile may just lock on flares rather than you.

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11,0 BR belikes…
Just say thanks to the matchmaking lol.


That’s a bit off the point. I’m always preflaring, but only while playing 12.7 games which makes sense, R-73 and AIM-9M are not a joke. But this thing is playing with 11.0 planes, where’s the most premium players are located, even I was unaware that you can meet such a missile here, let alone the wast majority of players with much less experience. It reminds me a 2 free kill situation with mig-29’s with their R-27ER back then… The amount is not, at any point, an excuse if effectiveness is near 100%. But that’s what I think ofc.

Mirage F1C-200, 0.3BR higher than the Lazur-M has almost identical loadout.
Except it doesn’t get S530D but rather S530F
You never encountered any Mirage F1s?

The thing with Magic 2 is that it uses same IRCCM technique as R-73 but has much smaller initial FoV. Couple that with improved pull it got in Alpha Strike and you get potent missile. But as I said, only downside to M2K and F1 is that they only can carry two of them.

I don’t exactly remember having any problems flaring Magic missiles before, even after they got IRCCM added, that’s why I never bothered remembering any encounters with Mirages probably. I have another idea to why it hit me even though a bunch of flares were deployed, but that’s technical and it’s not about it. Just surprised me quite unpleasantly. Now I know though, now I know…
Judging by how it tracked me I thought it was an analog of AIM-9M’s IRCCM, but well.

Magic 2 doesn’t have “Seeker shut off” IRCCM, it has shrinking FoV. Like R-73 does
Just saying

which it will most likely receive at some point in the near future so i wouldnt be shocked to see all magic 2 carriers to go up

Yea, I’m not arguing, I made my conclusion because I haven’t been changing course while it was tracking me. Now my guess is that it wasn’t flared because Mig-21 deploys flares downwards and missile was launched from above, which thanks to it’s FoV shrinking IRCCM made my flares almost impossible to be seen by it. Thanks for clarifying.

But should be better since Magic-2 uses 4 cells seeker, while R-73 only uses 2. ^^"

Personally, I’m hoping they add a 4x Magic 2 loadout to both Mirage 2000Cs and then keeping them at 11.7

Ohh man if that’s the first time meeting a R.550 M2 was from a Dassault Mirage C-S4 wait until you meet a Sepecat Jaguar IS at your own BR as that thing also carries the same missile at 11.0.

Basically all Mirage airframes at 11.0 onwards carry that AAM, So you’re gonna have to learn to preflare that thing (honestly a surprise it tracked, I guess they’re praying to the right deity).

• Dassault Mirage 2000D-R1, 2×

• Dassault Mirage F1 (C, CT, C-200) ×2

• Dassault Mirage 2000 (C-S4/C-S5) ×2

• Dassault Mirage 2000-5F ×4

• Dassault Mirage 4000 ×8 (E, it’s eight not six, I’m having a brainfart)

At least it’s a better IR AAM then their SARH options at these BR’s imo (well the 11.3/11.7 airframes).

Never will happen though,…

Up to 8 mate ^^"
(Dual pylon on inner wing hardpoints)

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Who knows, Gaijin already tried making Mirage 2000Cs 12.0 until feedback convinced them to hold off the change.

Now, Mirage 2000Cs will get buffed next patch with new flight model buffs and countermeasure buffs. That might push Gaijin to make it 12.0, and it will need 4x Magic 2s at that BR potentially…

Countermeasure buffs ? if it’s not about the Flare/Chaffs separation that arrive next patch, then i’m curious ^^

Hopefully, bumping the 2000C-S5 to 12.0 can open the door for a 2000C-S3, preferably thoses modernized with the RDI, to take its place at 11.7

true since the br changes 90% of the time are way too late

Yes its about the flare chaff separation. It’s one of several aircrafts to get increased CMs due to that.

It would only make sense as an addition if it only has 4x Magic 1s or Super 530Ds + Magic 1s, and Mirage F1C has Magic 2 removed though

So a Mirage F1C with Super 530F and Magic 1s dropped down to 11.0

And Mirage 2000C-S3 modernized with Super 530D and Magic 1s at 11.7. We would then atleast have a 4x Magic 1 carrier

Wait oops, I’m an idiot I did read 2× on the droptank but my mind went as only two extra even through the wiki states 2× per tank which would be ×8.

I’m a bloody gronk for these slight errors sometimes.