Mirage 2000 Thread : Variants, performance, characteristics and sources

Su-27 uses catapult launchers

Loadout documentation shows 2 530s back to back on the ventral points. I’m sure they figured something out.

the only documentation that i had seen with ventral super 530s could only have 2 magic 2, it could be just an early doc

For those worried about the 6 Magics, dont stress. A russian friend translated what they said on stream for me and apparently the dual magic pylons are not ready yet but coming. So minimum magic count is 8 Magic IIs.

Also apparently they said something about belly mounted missiles too, coming soon. All is good for France this patch, Mirage 4000 has fantastic performance assuming they don’t nerf it the way its on the dev server right now.

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I am honestly still really worried. It took one dev server unscheduled undocumented change for Gaijin to gut the Mirage 2000 5F. Who’s to say they won’t annihilate the Mirage 4000 with something dumb about the flight model or radar?

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Encouraging, but if they remain 530F they’re still dead weight at 11.7+
And it’s lacking a ton of acceleration at altitude

Very true, honestly expecting them to ruin the FM cus its just so good rn. But who knows.

Also, assuming they do keep the FM as good as it is now, fuck radar missiles. 8+ magics will be enough lol I dont even mind not having radar missiles if the FM is really good and there are 8 magics under my wings. MICA soon anyway :D. Just be a close quarters demon with the Magics.

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Fortunately there is testimony from test pilots that says it can achieve 50k feet and mach 2.0 in 3mn45s (and that’s with worse engines). Assuming that’s from a stand still and min fuel it can only do ~M1.4 50k feet in that time right now, though I may not have the right climb profile

edit : tried again and got mach 1.7 and 48.5k ft but ran out of gas at 3:25

So is the game ready for advanced missiles like the MICA? I know the 6 magic’s are a sad reality but according to the chart that has been posted before it could’ve carried 8-14 “advanced” missiles. Assuming they mean the MICA with “advanced” missiles.
What radar modes does the M4K get? the same as the M2K?

scroll up and read what i said earlier, it will be 8+ magics. Game not at all ready for MICA right now, but soon yes

Also i dont think we are able to confirm MICA was ever mounted on m4k, but the m4k was certainly being developed to eventually do so. Who knows maybe we get MICA on m4k anyway

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There is always hope for the future :D

So we’re unclear on what the “advanced missiles” actually are. I never saw a chart or picture on the 8 missiles before, good that they did at least say it.

well the chart does differentiate between short range aam and advanced aam…

Yeah assuming the magic 2 are the short range missiles in the chart (as shown in several test flights and pictures in that very same configuration). I’d assume the advanced missiles to be the MICA. But then it doesn’t show the 8 layout that you mentioned.

but there is a visual evidence of a mirage 4k with that loadout…

Right I see! I am hopeful yet!
Lets see if they add some belly armament as well.
Thank you.

And then there’s also the possibility of 2 530s under the belly. Granted, they should have a different ignition sequence than on the other mirages, because they sit one behind the other, and the missiles currently ignite on the rail, which would cause either the missile in the front to burn the one in the back, or the one in the back would hit the one in the front, but, it’s in official Dassault documentation, so they should have had some idea about this I guess.

That possibility should not be used,…
The most probable solution used is displayed on 1987 charts → middle wing pylon recieves

more magics and a single extra 530


wait there is an option with 2 missiles and no fuel tank

hows there a posibility to carry 2 magics without fuel tank?