Mirage 2000 Thread : Variants, performance, characteristics and sources

Why 530F at all??? its literally the Mirage F1 moment all over again


We’re jinxed all over again lmao. Let’s just hope they listen to the suggestion from Dev Server. It will be DOA in the current meta if the missile is 530F. People would take Mirage 2000-5 over Mirage 4000 if it still like this.



As always “dev server is not final”, but still. Disappointed and yet not even supprised (as usual).


M4K, will “possibly” have one the best (if not the best) FM of the game for “heavy” fighter, but with a not competitive “air” weaponary. Unless they fix finaly and correctly the Magic 2. but it will not enough.

Good thing this aircraft come, but not even surprised, it come in this “state”.
So once again… the virtuouse circle of “Bug report & waiting months (if not years)” to get one aircraft fixed will start again.

(have mercy for bug reporter @DirectSupport @MiG_23M and others, personaly i gave up at Mirage 3, Mystere 4)


First of all, we have the Dual Pod photo for Magic’s-2
So this should be 8 Magic-II minimum.

And S530 whatever the variant always was claimed to be possible to have 4 of them, in both early and late charts.

For the variant of Super 530D, this was one the late basic feature for Mirage 2000C models alongside which the current Mirage 4000 have been concieved built and tested,… therefore, we should see at least a RDI radar from Mirage 2000C and Super 530D models (lets consider such heavier/larger radar was not developped for Mirage 4000, then we would have used the same radar as in the current Mirage 2000C)

Prepare your bug reports guys,… and have them sent within Dev server and after it,…


About flight model → no test flight from BVV_d in what i’ve seen → FM will again be shit on french aircraft → as per usual now,…


Tbh FM-wise I’d think it would be same as Mirage 2000 but with twin engine, that’s it. I only hope the loadout would be fixed, there’s no way a literal PULSE Missile with 20 G Pull in 12.0+.

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@Smin1080p Do devs plan on giving the M4K its Super 530D radar missiles?

The M4K presumably uses RDM radar. Greek Mirage 2000Cs had RDM radars and also used Super 530Ds. The radar is compatible with the missile.

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no, sadly it wasn’t. 2000C wich fitted RDM was refitted to RDI later.
530D is unavailable with RDM radar.

Just in case, prepare your bug report X)

At least it seems to have the M53-P2 and not an earlier version, which is what i was also worried about

The Greeks had an RDM-3 radar which was a modified RDM to fire the Super 530D which Greece obtained. No RDI radar was exported, however Greece did also obtain the Super 530D to use with their Mirage 2000Cs.

You are correct about the regular RDM radar. However, RDM-3 was explicitly planned for Mirage 4000, which is a radar that is capable of firing the Super 530Ds. I’ll be making a report on this soon.


ok, nice.
I hope good news.

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if it will have 6 magic II’s and thats just it with RDM radar then i just dont see a real reason why somebody would choose mirage 4000 over mirage 2000 5f since it can carry 4 Magic II’s and has


Yep, in current state the M4K should be 11.7 between Mirage F.1C and Mirage 2000C

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Very nice. Thank you so much for your reports.
Since apparently the fuselage pylons are coming, the things missing are :

-RPK tank with 2 magics
-Matra 530D
-Thermal pod (only Atlis 2 was shown here)

Anything else ?

Edit : the 27x 250kg bombs are also not here


I’m not thinking we can bargain a thermal pod,…

The PDLCT was entering service in 1993, after the Mirage 4000 Prototype was out of commission in 1988

That’s why it would be stuck to ATLIS

Then pray to snail for it…

Bvvd said that m4k most likely will get 3rd 530 on central pylon

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3rd ? It should get two there

maybe 3rd mounting position?

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Second is unlikely due to 530 using rails and inability to launch from rails when placed one behind one, that what he said.

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