Mirage 2000 Thread : Variants, performance, characteristics and sources

Depends the flare caliber they pick, ideally we would have two available configurations. Total countermeasure count would be 256 with normal flares, 176 with large


Afaik even the 2000D RMV does not have the capability of using the AASM. As per dassault requirement it was kept from it to market better the rafale. However the MF1-2000 to Morocco did get the capability of using it (dassault wanted the modernisation contract)

I think you might be right actually. Wikipedia seems to be mentioning them (French wiki), however, the French air force website does not. It however mentions GBU 12, 16, 24 (in game), but also GBU 48; 49 and 50 with GPS guidance. My bad

Thank God, they finally listened to us. Rejoice!
2023-10-31 17_35_02-Greenshot

So they gave the 2000-5F : 168 countermeasures (normal flares). You can’t pick between normal or large and the count is incorrect.
There is a new 3D model, it shows a mix of large and small flare modules which should total 206 CMs.
The CM sequence for Mixed is 9 doubles and the rest in singles


Yea i noticed that.

As a Classic Gaijin fashion they messed up when it comes to fixing French vehicles once again.

Honestly im not even surprised or dissapointed at this rate.


But i see only 94 CM dispensers 54 small, and 40 large

There are 5x8 large and 3x18 small, the chaffs are held in the devices top right and left of the image and contain 112 total

On the plus side, the 2000D now has a massive x196 large caliber CM

I also noticed they removed the Magic 2 1,8 seconds fuze delay, which is great!

Oooo, how short is it now?

It still has its 1.8 seconds fuze delay in the files.

I felt it when I shoot MiG-15bis in test drive it now can shoot from 300-400 meter now. I don’t know if everyone felt this too.

Magic have always blown up on impact. The fuze delay is only relevant for proximity detonations

Still has 1.8s fuze. I tried using it in headons and did not fuse under 1-1.5s for sure

This doesn’t need testing, there is no change to fuse delay per datamine.

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F-111 now has IR/UV-MAWS added to it, which is similar to the M2K. M2K had it reported for a year now, so it’s a bit weird it hasn’t gotten it yet. Perhaps will be added next patch in December.

There is already a bug report about it?

RDY and 530D have never felt worse in online play. Holy crap.
The missile seeker used to be the weakest link, but now the RDY can’t even hold a lock unless the conditions are absolutely ideal. It’s losing lock on targets before they even finish getting into the notch

I think it affect other radar too. MiG-29 radar also felt like shit in this current update. It simply loose lock when the enemy turning a bit.

Ye i had same feeling during dev-serv. For both -5f radar and S530D

i was hoping it was just a bug or just a first dev-serv iteration which will not make it to live server. sadly it did.

On other part the upgrade of countermesure is great (while the count is still wrong)