Mirage 2000 Thread : Variants, performance, characteristics and sources

Your best bet is to just message one of the tech mods about it. That platform is littered with so many garbage reports, a lot of them get missed.

I posted a Suggestion for a modern French pilot, if you’d like to take a look.

I would love to see our beloved LA-100 on the pilot model.


MICA are not pulling as hard anymore or is it just me? i can’t seem to hit close quarter launches as much as i used to lately (last couple of days)

Gaijin kinda implemented an AoA limiter to the missile otherwise it’d flatspin just like it used to. So very close range shots are a little bit more limited now. But overall it’s way better than on the devservers + will probably get it’s full set of performances when they’ll introduce AIM120C-5 and R77-1

Well, MICA config file has not been change for more than two weeks, so I doubt it. I have never used the MICA, however.

I’ll see if I can’t look into it

It’s possible that they did some changes to the thrust vectoring mechanic itself, but then I would think it would apply to the R-73 and SRAAM as well, and people would say something about those missiles too.

Wait, when?

I was just speaking hypothetically


No as said they implementened an “arbitrary” PID for guidance in it just like normal missiles to limit AoA otherwise TVC missiles have variable PIDs which allow them to perform the crazy turns.

Yes but that’s an old change, people are wondering if there had been any new changes.

Well afaik none change have been applied to MICA it performs same as usual.

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Is it possible to have the roll rate nerf reverted, I find it quite stupid since its roll is more like a supersonic f5c than what it should be, a quick more snappy roll like an f16. If you search up ANY demonstrator video for the m2k it rolls way faster than the fat hippo mud roll it does in-game now.

It also now “sinks” more into its roll which is the worst offending issue with this change.

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This thing was exist in the old FM, Idk why the tradeoff of good energy retention in high speed is nerfed rollrate. I get it now, that Mirage 2000 now feel like F-5C with better supersonic energy.

Feels a bit UFO like at high and it seems to have too much energy retention

I saw the Tornado’s finally got their extra chaff from the BOZ pods; had anything come of the Mirage 2000s or 4000 getting the extra dedicated chaff yet?