Mirage 2000 Thread : Variants, performance, characteristics and sources

So F-15 is the one with Mirage flight model while the Mirage got the F-15 flight model?


Not saying that F-15 should be bad regarding AOA or nose authority and I obviously do not know which exact speeds you both were at but I had a similar experience where the F-15 had 10 minutes less fuel but was performing as if it had 3d thrust vectoring while my M2K did behave as if it was a B-29 approaching stall speed.

Well sad me

Mirage 2000D got a MAW (does not work yet)! Time get add it to the -5F at the very least as well


Mirage 2000 series Missing wing drop tanks
still haven’t added an RPL drop tank on the DEV server, so I made a report.
and Drop tank data has existed since last December and still no sign of it being added.

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I guess by how Gaijin implemented it, we probably wouldn’t get the 256 CM in current update.

on dev server you get a staggering 48, incredible

Amazing stuff

Bro wtf

Eurofighter now has a new competitor. With the new dev server update today, M2K pulls 13G sustained at high speed and doesn’t lose any speed.


With everyday that passes we grow closer to realising the UFO april fools event maybe wasnt a joke…


Well for a mirage… that’s weird

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weird historically accurate.

Now where Rafale so it can do 15-16Gs at high speeds without losing any speed?

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That’s what I’m taking about! Patch can’t come soon enough.

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I’m wondering how close this FM of the M2K is compared to its EM diagram ;)

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It’s close to the sustained turn rate figures we have, but most likely has too high energy retention at high speeds.

Also since the charts never exceed 9Gs there is no way of knowing how much max Gs it could sustain at Mach 0.98

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It does seems to have way too much energy retention at high speed, especially for a delta even with relaxed stability.

Deltas actually do keep energy well at high subsonic speeds but yeah, that’s too much

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Spaghetti Code Gaming

Im convinced that is a Eurofighter with the latest stealth technology incorporated.

Btw will M4K got a reduced drag? or is M4K current drag is historical?