Mirage 2000 Thread : Variants, performance, characteristics and sources

2 magic and 4 mica or 6 mica

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Can the MICA can be used at short distance like Magic2 or better to take both?

I can’t even lock anything in TWS, even more broken than in the actual game. Only way to get locks at long range is to use SRC PD HDN

Depends for versatility use 4+2 if you are really confident in your MICA not getting chaffed or using it in mid to close range scenario feel free to use them. 4+2 will be truly more interesting when Magic 2 will be 50G.


So I know the MICA and Magic fix is the talk of the town right now, but did anyone else notice that the default belt on the DEFAs is now API-T/HEI/HEF? Looks like tracer got changed to the armor piercing and the fragmentation shells won’t be exclusive to Air Targets or Stealth anymore.

Was said there : Major Update “Alpha Strike” — DEV Server Changelog (01.03.2024)

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I must have missed it, didn’t even notice. Thanks for letting me know.

Default is now is API-T/HEI/HEF, Ground Targets is HEI/API-T/API-T/API-T, Air Targets is HEF/HEI/HEF/HEI/API-T, and Stealth is HEF/HEI/HEF/HEI

@POLYDEUCES @Macekeeks I say this with no malice, but respectfully I still think to bet against the flow of similar nations is to some degree ballsy, I understand the Rafale is very good, and I understand that the SCAF is delayed or has a later in-service date than some other projected 6th gens, I also understand they are in NATO.

However I do still think it is some degree of ballsy. Although the alternative which is to develop their own 5th gen based on the Rafale’s current avionics or to accelerate SCAF to the 2030’s is costly, I do realise this.

never seen so many mirage 2000s in my life

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I have this issue in both the live version of the game and the dev server, on Mirage, Flanker and F15 (SRC modes)… Anybody know what could be causing it? I can’t even lock target in lookup scenarios and it keeps getting me killed in fights I would have won otherwise

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HDN modes for targets that are somewhat close to each other are broken right now

I can’t get a lock with TWS ? Is it normal?

Rn yes

Man i cant wait to use the m2kD with buffed magimp wonder if they will be moving these lower mirages up in br

I’m having this problem right now as well

At close range they’re really insane

MICA are great at the moment (despite the 16v16 matchup that needs to go). They feel pretty on point with what was proposed by @DirectSupport.
What I fear now is that MICA look, in war thunder’s META, like the new best missile to come, a bit like the current r27E family, and that gaijin won’t allow a minor nation to hold such a title. Thus MICA will probably be massively nerf to conform more to other missiles.


They can’t nerf it since it performs exactly to how real life documentation said of it. It can only be buffed from here on out (in small ways).

Well, magic 2 is currently in this exact case tho


Magic 2 was never “nerfed” though, and only buffed. Yes, it came in a very gimped state, but devs did not have the information on the Magic 2 to properly model it until very recently. Mig_23M can confirm this.