Mirage 2000 Thread : Variants, performance, characteristics and sources

Time for some bug reports


The fun part more anticipation than waiting for the teaser

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Where is my TopSight hmd for Mirage 2000-5f?!

Ask Gaijin,… not me.

How they manage to not get a single French aircraft right actually baffles me. And it’s not like we have tons of documentation for the M4K which states far, fare better stuff than what gaijing is showing us could be added. Why is it that the Yak141 got to have its most competitive theoritical load out when the M4K gets a 6 missile load out with R530Fs is beyond me


This thread will be used to consolidate information regarding the Mirage 4000.


Mirage 4000 and 2000 structural speed limit is too low



At minimum if mirage 4000 goes unchanged magic 2 buff needs to come


i know gaijin don’t like french but why all mirage 2000 still only have 4 missiles slots?

100% must be why a TM randomly dropped a page in this thread about the RDI radar that talks about RDM not being able to fire 530D a week ago

Because only MICA allows the Mirage 2000-5F to get 6 missiles.

Not only that, the Thales RDY remains broken.


Now we can pray for x8 Magic 2 (4 on normal pylons and 4 on two drop tanks) and one central mounted R530D (hopefully not F). So 9 missiles in total. and also the 27 central mounted bombs.

I thought it could mount 2?

Its impossible because the front missile would burn the rear missile and the back missile would ram the front missile because in real life they launch from rails, they dont drop and go. It was planned to make it drop and go so I guess its still a posibility to have 2…

The su-27’s got a similar layout so I don’t see an issue

The issue is that the 530s would ignite while on the rail and leave the rail trough their engine power.
The R-27s are dropped from their mounting points and then ignite, meaning the flame cannot hit the other missile.
There are other solutions to the issue than dropping the missile before it ignites, but it’s the easiest to put into practice, and thus it was the most likely one to have been picked had the Mirage 4000 gone into service.

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Su-27 uses catapult launchers

Loadout documentation shows 2 530s back to back on the ventral points. I’m sure they figured something out.

the only documentation that i had seen with ventral super 530s could only have 2 magic 2, it could be just an early doc