Minor Improvement wishlist

Thank you Gaijin for providing me with one of the greatest gaming experiences ever, the enjoyment I have had over the years is nothing short of spectacular. This is my 3rd post I think and the 1st one not for tech support but general gameplay. I am and arcade player that now mainly plays Naval.

A detraction from the game is that after all the grinding to get Battlehips, the gameplay is mostly PVE and you have some of the most horrible bots.

  • When trying to attack a battleship for that whole “shoot the deathstar” experience, one is often potted from across the map by a bot with a SKR or PR 206, the aimbots on these work very well.

  • Since the anniversary update, the bot behavior changed again and now they very effectively aimbot you from long distances whilst using ships and boats. Additionally friendly bots now swarm you, effectively blocking torpedo attacks and ramming battleships 250 degrees off of their broadside, if you lose a Battleship it costs more than 30k hard earned SL and to have that happen because of a bot is something I find frustrating. The biggest concern for me is that their is a team of people at Gaijin working on these bots which indicates that we are not going to be rid of them anytime soon.

My suggestion for fixing this would be to introduce a different game mode, call it “Line of Battle”, allow for 2v2, 3v3 and upwards etc. The game mode should automatically spawn player vehicles 5km away from the enemy line in order of ship displacement in their lineups. Battles should be set at 5 minutes so anyone waiting in the queue know they wont have longer that to join the next game. When player number reach a sufficient level MM can resume normal games. This will also allow us to very easily identify bot accounts.

Other crazy stuff I have noticed in the game,

  • US destroyers from the 50’s are rank 2 and cannot be used for any sort of grinding whilst they have a a mostly useless frigate in their coastal from ww2 at rank 5

  • The Japanese and the British lack a really good Rank 3 or higher CAS plane for Naval, the Kikka used to be an attacker but somewhere along the line this changed and the Brits have the Whirlwind of which the later marks were attack planes. Perhaps Martin Baltimore’s?

BR and uptiers - Has it ever been considered to have what I think of as “dead BR’s” as gaps between the different era’s of vehicles, for example no vehicles at all on BR 4.0 to 4.7 at all so that if you are going to be massively uptiered, it is by choice, this would help the lower level of ground where 2.3 and 2,7 vehicles are in big trouble against 3.3 and 3.7. etc.

Thanks again Gaijin for all the fun and pretty stuff, looking well forward to my next session.


British has a very decent naval bomber named Wyvern S4, which is at Rank 4, and it has low BR. Unfortunately, it is premium vehicles. I do wish Warthunder introducing it to the researchable. After all, it used to serve for the RN in 1950s. I also wish mosquito(bomber version, not striker) can be added to the game.

btw, may be 5km is a little bit to close for battleships, even cruisers?

For a game with a 5 minute timer and potential to be over in two or three minutes its fine, when we get more people normal game modes can commence. I was hoping the strikemaster would be a good addition to the brit tree but its payload is too weak to damage ships with the current state of bomb damage to Naval, agree 100% on fast Mosquito bombers!

Naval just doesn’t have enough players. The only real games in RB are at 2.0 +/-1 for costal since 2.3 can see early destroyersand frigates, 5.0 for destroyers because of premiums, 6.0 for light/heavy cruisers because of premiums, and 6.7 - 7 for battleships/battlecruisers because of new battleship premiums and top tier. Other than that it is pretty not great and difficult to find games. Not sure about arcade, but I may try that tonight.

To be honest 5 km is to close for destroyers. You can pop a Moffet from 5k with a first salso pretty easy.

The Strikemaster gets 500 lb bombs, put them in the water next to the magazine with 1.5 or so bomb delay, observe fireworks.

I gotta disagree with the bomb damage being low in Naval. If you drop them at midships it doesn’t do anything, but if you drop it in the water close to the hull, or hit the hull so the bomb drops into the water, then it will almost always result in a kill on destroyers and light cruisers and will do well against heavy cruisers. Battleships and battlecruisers require a bit more juice sometimes, but you just need to be more accurate with the smaller bombs.
Another fun thing is using the armor piercing bombs. If you drop them on turret tops you’ll get easier kills on the bigger ships and it will decimate the smaller ones.