Milan still available?

The Mirage Milan still shows in the tech tree, allbeit it red. I can still select it for test flights etc and if I hover over it it says “coming soon” where the Xbox store link usually is.
@gromvoiny any chance we’ll see it again soon for GE like the MiG 21 SPS-K? I realised I needed it after it was taken out of the store. Maybe for Bastille day next month?

You don’t want to touch the Milan, trust me. Its a worse mirage 3 with 9Bs and no flares, an A-10 or SU25 just looking in your general direction is usually an automatic back to hangar

I always liked it as attacker in RB, and in SB where I use it now it’s possibly my best cash-cow right now!

I wouldn’t want to part with my Milan at any cost and am really glad I have it!

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I need a premium rank 6 so I don’t need to grind out the bomber line from the start, also I need a delta wing Mirage because they are gorgeous. The bomber line reason onky became apparent to me recently and also I realised you don’t use the B’s against fighters but rather against attackers that have target fixation for bomb targets since you reach the battlefield so fast.
I alreqdy have the A-10. Not a fan of it. Also needing to grind out Mirage 2000’s but my F1 is getting boring, need something thatbisn’t uptiered against TWS BVR Gen 4 aircraft.