Mikoyan MiG-25

Hello Russian Fighters, Say hello to the Mikoyan MiG-25 for War Thunder, Operator Country: USSR ¦ Research Country: USSR, BR 12.0
Why isn't the MiG-25 in game? : r/Warthunder
Precious vehicle should be the “Yak 141” because they kinda look similar


looks cool but it needs to be in suggestions

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12.0 is a bit of a stretch, I’d say more along time lines of 10.7-11.0

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12.0? For something that only has R-60Ms and only one variant that has flares? lol
Try 10.7. I mention the R-60Ms cause the anti-bomber ARHs are far worse than Phoenix missiles.
Mig-31 however could be made 12.3.

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F-15 Eagle: “Oh finally, I have a purpose now.”

MiG-31B 12.3, MiG-31M, 12.7 and MiG-31BM 13.0, easily my favorite interceptor.

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12.0 with no flares, no guns can only fly in straight line and 5g overload? while the F-15 is at 12.3? More like 10-7-11.0, basically sea vixen but fatter, is Soviet and higher br.
At least you can have 4x r60 and 2x r-40 or 4x r-40
The MiG-25PDS could be at 11-7-12.0 but without guns, 4.5g overload and top speed that are essentially worthless at that br, it won’t be very good. Tho 6x r-60m + 2 x r-40td or r-40rd may still make it very competitive.

Considering that Mig-31 even in its best form is a worse F-14D due to being an F-104-like flight performance, I doubt that any would reach 13.0.

It has a much better thrust/weight than the F-104, better max G load, and better AOA thanks to not having a high T tail. It should fly fine, don’t expect an F-16 but it won’t be horrible. The main selling point is in the kit, it has a PESA radar decent missiles. The MiG-31BM which he said would be 13.0 would be that high because it has the longest range a2a missiles in active service.


Mig-31 is limited to a lower G limit than F-104. It’s not nimble at all.
It’s a Mig-25 with improved engines and better low-speed stability.

Mig-31’s missiles are AIM-54C equivalent. Long range doesn’t mean much when you’re about as good as other dated weapon systems.
Mig-31’s best missile is the R-73.

under mach 1 it will out-turn the F-104 as the F-104 can’t sustain 5 G anyway. It has a higher TWR at any speed and a lower wing loading. Also, again, a better tail design but WT doesn’t simulate the superstalls that F-104s should enter at high AOA so that part doesn’t matter in game

R-37 has nearly double the range

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you specify where it’s worse.If at subsonic speeds, then yes.But the MiG-31 is better at supersonic

Iraqi MiG-25PD/PDs (Foxbat E) from the USSR in english.
Iraqi MiG 25P (Foxbat A) from the USSR english.
Foxbat A

Practical Aerodynamics manual of the MiG25 RB this one is in russian.

The iraqi manuals are detailed in every aspect, from avionics(), tactics(flight profiles) to aerodynamics.
When you look at the engagements during the persian gulf war, such as John Speicher’s shootdown, the pilots flew as dictated in the manual. The pilot stated he fired the R40 at 38km, same range given in the manual. And another one in the Samurra Air Battle, (where the F15 got hit), the GCI ordered the mig 25 pilot to fire at 40km.

Same plane as the soviet’s.

They also have information regarding the 5H87 radar complex and how it works,ranges and stuff. (for GCI, a ~500km radius control zone) and P-37(~300km)

Information regarding the R40D through the PD/PDS.
Its guided by CW in a f0(from table below) 16 GHz. The “notch” of the missile is at ±75kph(20.83m/s) so a frequency band of 4447 Hz. The speed gate of the missile is ±7 m/s, the bandwidth is 1494 Hz.
The maximum closure rate of missile- traget is 2000m/s. (Mach 6.77 at high alt)
The min altitude is 50m due to the fuse.
Minimum closure rate for fuse activation is 200 m/s (quite high)
Delta V of the R40D is between 540 and 720m/s
max flight time 40s
max G = 15G
rocket motor burns between 4 and 6.7s
The fuze activates between 10-20m for large target and 6-7m to small targets, target size selected by pilot.

Here are the maximum detection ranges and lock on ranges for a given RCS target in km. The PD was using the high altitude mode
We see that the PDs range is slightly higher and it is able to lock on a target at ~78% of that range. Meanwhile the Ps range is a bit lower but has a much lower Lock on range, ~68% of that max range.
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And the frequencies of the foxbat’s radar from the tornado manual.

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Its meant to fight the F15 btw

Nerd, but cool

No it isn’t. It was designed to intercept super sonic bombers like the XB-70. The F-15 wasn’t a thing when the MiG-25 was first put into service.


^ it is, yea

Honestly higher than 13.0. The R-37M is hypersonic, and the BM can also carry R-77-1s as well as R-27ERs and R-73Ms.