Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-29 Fulcrum - History, Design, Performance & Dissection

Still it’s my bad for being a jerk.

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We would need to see the difference in moment of inertia out of the 2 aircraft, in simpler terms how much the better mass placement in the SMT compensates the overall higher mass. That way we could directly use the roll rate in the MiG-29A manual and get a result for the SMT

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to do that we would first need to know from the datamine the actual order in which fuel tanks are emptied, then what is the mass of fuel that is left once the SMT has weight only in the fuel tank in the back spine

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Then we have to factor in the weight of the upgrades, right? The fuel states of both and where they are placed during those states, no?

I agree, I think this needs to be done first.

I was under the impression they were not modeled to emptied in any order etc. irrc. Lmk.

kinda. First of all this (the whole finding the new moment of inertia thing) would just be an approximation because an aircraft is not rigid (the fuel inside it especially is literally a liquid), and then I would just assume the extra mass of the SMT is evenly spread on the MiG-29A airframe (which is not true as it is most likely closer to the rotating axis (aka lower we would be overastimating the impact)). That way if the MiG-29SMT would seem to be underperforming then we would known for sure, as with this estimate the extra weight of the SMT as a greater impact than what it has in real life

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MiG 29UPG?


That big canopy hurts my eyes. Which mig 29 is the most modern but with a regulsr canopy? Is it the SMT?

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with “regular” canopy might be the most modern variant of the mig29m

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Our Mig 29s have the old canopy but it gets SMT’s(BM) weapons and a new radar. I’m not saying it’s the most modern one out there.


Found this interesting variant.

Interesting how?

All new mig-29K/KUB, M/M2, 35 only with big capony

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I have never seen this variant before.

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Does it get an upgraded RWR as well ?


Which one are you talking about? MiG 29C?

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