Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-29 Fulcrum - History, Design, Performance & Dissection

Ah okay cool! All pics i had seen of mig 35 was dual so thats why i thought. But then im looking forward to the mig 35s!

Do we know how much stronger the engines has? Does it have 8 pylons?

S and UB has same canopy, that could confuse you.


Oh no… why would they do that… rip 35s then :(

Didn’t they plan to use center pylon for missiles or bomb? As i know now it is only for external fuel tank.

RWR is either Spo15T (a bit improved spo15) or L-150 pastel (SMT rwr) depending on the year of the prototype


Do you know which RWR this one might be? SPO-15?

Is it possible to guide a guided bomb using the IRST? Some IRST can lock on ground targets.

Are the flight models correct for the mig 29s? Even the SMT?

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Yes, the fulcrum suffers in RB because of the Instructor


Alright, seems like it could really use stronger engines then… once it goes below 700 kmh its basically just a brick. Even the su27 feels more agile at slower speeds but i assumed it would be the opposite since the mig is lighter?

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The problem of the SMT is that the russians didn’t adapt the platform while adding more fuel and improving it’s electronics, it’s the same plane but heavier and as a result it’s a flying brick, sadly it’s most likely accurate…


I would like to think it should handle really well min fuel since the fuel tank in the hump is fueled first annd drained last. allowing less in the wings. Therefore maintaining a better center of gravity.

It’s roll should be better for sure with less weight in the wings at lower fuel states.

I think GJ needs to rework the model and it still has potential.

Or maybe I’m just hoping in vain.

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baseline weight is higher. Better fuel placement doesn’t offset that. Also how do you know that the fuel in the humb is drained last?

2,000lbs is nothing in Min fuel. The Mig29 would not suffer to that degree.

Additionally. Its common sense that wings are always drained first.

The hump and center fuel tanks are always filled first (in the event you will not need a full load) and fuel is always drained out of wings first to maintain center of gravity.

Better fuel placement, and low fuel mean a world of difference.

This is really basic aviation stuff here. Like super basic.


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You can check tanks priority in datamine.

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I will look those up

no need to act like a smartass

That’s full on bs
the lower the fuel, the higher you will feel that extra ton.
That’s actually basic physics.

Only exception if all the fuel is in the hump could be roll rate, because it might have a lower Inertia moment (or whatever the term I in I \ddot{ θ}= \sum M is called in English), but overall handling will be much worse

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by contrast with higher fuel loads that extra ton will make for a lower % difference in total weight.

in this case not necessarily, since the SMT is just an upgraded MiG-29A, and the fuel tank in the hump was added later, which means that there might be some reasons that make it not the last one to be drained. Not saying that it isn’t the last one, just that I don’t know and is not necessarily the last one.

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Sorry its late, let’s start over.

I just said it should handle really well on min fuel. Not be better than other Mig29s.

Yeah, and I said that too, roll should definitely be better.

However, It has a worse roll rate than probably everything in game at any fuel state imo.

sorry, my fault, had understood it in the way “at low fuel the difference with other MiG-29s is the lowest”

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