Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-29 Fulcrum - History, Design, Performance & Dissection

Hm maybe it is truth. I found something in Yefims Gordon book but it doesn’t seems to help

I have a book about the MiG-29 at home, I’ll look there

I saw that photo, i have few more of this prototype. What’s the name of book?

MiG Flying through time

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Thanks, maybe there is translation in english. I am not good enought in russian

Never mind i checked secret project forum…

kinda sad

why is the radar on HDN modes can not lock? is the search pattern for the Russian radars is right or not?

It is broken right now. Whenever there are targets in the same direction, HDN can’t lock. Use regular PD or PD TWS

well the range is really bad and it sometime misses the target, Russian radar search pattern also does not help

HDN or HPRF is used for targets coming towards you. It will have a baaaaaad time trying to hold a lock on something moving away

it just not works in any way

Yep the russian pd radars on both mig29’s & su27’s became a bit inconsistent recently over the last major update or two in particular - happens across all available modes (normal search/tws & acm), particularly with hprf (hdn) though, but even within low prf (normal pd) it still does not lock targets sometimes even if they are providing an extremely large radar return to lock onto. And regardless of if they are either the only or largest radar contact within the scope it will just refuse to lock your designated target. Its very odd and rather frustrating when it happens, particularly in those situations when fast lock Aquisition is of utmost importance.

Is this Double KAB-500 on station 1 and 2?

No, these are two different suspension options

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Is there a more modern mig with stronger engines we could get? Also one that is a single seater? One that has a good radar and rwr like the smt?

MiG 29 9.18. It’s a MiG 29SMT without the enlarged fin.

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Okay, thanks i hope we get a mig 29 with upgraded engines soons. Would be fun to use

MiG-29M, MiG-29K, MiG-35

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Base RD-33 and SPO-15


Isnt the mig 35 a dual seater though? I cant stand looking at that :p

MiG-35S is single-seater. MiG-35UB is dual.

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