Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-29 Fulcrum - History, Design, Performance & Dissection

Well yes against the f16 they can’t win because the viper is still busted af, it can pull nearly 3x the aoa that it can irl if i’m not mistaken

Yeah I don’t think instructor is the issue for MİG-29 necessarily. İt simply trades energy too inefficiently for too little gain. İf it had insane nose authority but lost a lot of speed it would be fine. But it loses too much speed for too little nose authority. Meanwhile the F-16 is too efficient. Losing a lot less speed for as much if not more AOA at <1000 KMH.

İn 1000KMH> The F-16 simply doesn’t lose speed and rates for days

I’m talking about the F-16. The MiG-29 FMs are correct.

This is true.


Who called you a madman lol, I always thought the F-14 FM was amazing (realistic or not I have no clue) the B solved the problem of weak engines as well.

Anyone who thinks F-14B FM isn’t great is smoking some exotic stuff

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Old forum stuff

Once upon a time people claimed the MiG-29 had the best FM and all these other crazy things… When it had just R-27R and R-60M…

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Wasn’t it though before the fm changes

Any question @MiG_23M ?

I don’t think so, F-16 pilots would enter the merge too fast and the F-14 was just underrated heavily for a long time.

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Its a shame they nerfed it
Its very beautiful aircraft

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My grief is because you are somewhat well spoken?! lol get a load of this guy. No because you are a narcissist and you cannot go five minutes without talking about yourself or something you did.

Anyone who spends 5 minutes with you on VC would immediately determine you are just some dude from some irrelevant Appalachian town with a population of 400 people larping as a game developer and fighter pilot.

Tangibles? Is that the new word of the week for you? Tangibles like a 3-month-old recordings of yourself playing custom battles with infinite fuel and missiles?

So wouldn’t be better for the instructor to be updated? Currently the fulcrum can’t win against neither 4th gen both 2c and 1c (rb-wise), IMO it would be cool to have a more dynamic playstyle with mouse aim.

That thing slaps right now without even a modelled aim45 or radar OR aim9Ms.

I have broken the wings, died, still killed opponents and landed and taken back off to fight literally last night. The jet is insanely better at dogfighting over the SMT right now. The B model havent tried the A.

Well, I’m not sure the instructor is the issue … the MiG-29 is fine imo. The F-16 is certainly a problem.

Stop taking credit for things you never did.

The only credit I give you is running your mouth advertising new engines before GJ had the chance to officially announce them.

Stop derailing

My guy just shared his baby commitments and now he takes full credit for the years of work they did prior.

Bravo! You are brilliant! and so well spoken I must say…

So basically MIG_23M calls himself the only dataminer ever and is on his road to take over the work of oshida, and taking credit for his and gszabi’s past works, right? That’s what you sound like ziggy, because you’re deranged

It’s just that in RB with mouse aim and the current instructor it feels strange… With full controls it’s fine and can win against other aircraft if you fly by your terms (mostly in 1c, against the mirage i think it’ll lose), i think it deserves at least a revision but reporting the instructor is much more complicated because it’s just a war thunder thing, it doesn’t exist irl.

He said quote their datamine is inferior.

Not take over, or carry on, that theirs is simply inferior.

And it’s totally up to the devs for the instructor. Worth a report tho, they fixed the Mirage 2000s when I reported it.

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