Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-29 Fulcrum - History, Design, Performance & Dissection

at very close range headons you can also eat shit from a vulcan

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I am going to make a video of me dogfighting at pre stall speeds with infinite missiles and min fuel in a custom battles and title it R73 Test 1 and Test 2.

That is going to be my evidence and source moving forward like this dude just provided.

Anything you guys have to say is going to be illogical because I have a video of me in custom battles. Aren’t I cool? All I really want is everyone just to watch my videos so I can feel cool even though they are recorded months ago, before the patch even dropped and has no relevance to Air RB whatsoever.

The logic is that the missiles’ been buffed since. You’re saying the AIM-9M has superior IRCCM when (of the two) the R-73 is the only one that can continue tracking a defensive target regardless of what he does in various scenarios. Nevermind the fact that these IR short range missiles are meant for the moments before and immediately after a merge, when you fail to kill the enemy at medium to long ranges. The R-73 and MiG-29 are better suited for this. At this point if we want to continue discussing just the missiles, there is an entirely different thread for you to spam up.

I’m not entertaining head-ons at high speed in a merge… I’m talking about a 30° frontal arc when you’re already post-merge. In spite of the Vulcans laser beam trajectory it hits like a water pistol in comparison to the Gsh-23 or the 29’s 30mm. And even when they have radar gun solutions the Vulcan users still miss.

Your barking up the wrong tree. Address the people who claimed it.

Your words and your little YouTube videos mean nothing to me.

They don’t have to mean anything to you, I’m just supporting my argument and being bashed for doing so.

Is that supposed to be your “compelling proof”?

You custom battle videos with infinite fuel months ago don’t mean squat to any of us. Address the people who made the claim IRCCM is lacking because your Test videos are worthless to me and have nothing to do with Air RB. Leave me out of it.

Your videos are being bashed because they are nothing custom battle gameplay when the R73 was first released to fighters, and you titled it Test 1 and Test 2.

Lol If that is the case let’s all just record ourselves in @Aussie_MantisMod Custom battles matches while playing lame music in the background and call it “compelling proof”.

Your comment that its’ IRCCM is underperforming is worthless because you’ve got zero reason or rhyme as to why. I’ve got primary documents showing its’ FoV and flare resistance are already accurate.

If you don’t agree, let’s see the reports or share something tangible we can use to perform worthwhile tests.

As an example;

The AIM-9L flare resistance is lacking, therefore by extension the resistance of the AIM-9M is also lacking (not including the flare rejection / IRCCM, but rather how strongly it tracks afterburner plumes).

There is no such documentation showing the R-73 is failing to perform in-game currently.

Why can’t you address @Smoak741 he gave a far more detailed analysis. Take it up with him and the others who offered detailed evidence and testimony. While all you provided is custom battle gameplay with lame music playing in the background.

You want to say something, support it. Simple stuff really…

Here’s another example;

The magic 2s IRCCM is also underperforming. Sources and logic attached. Notice how all of these other missiles are underperforming but not the R-73? You think I of all people is just making this up? That I wouldn’t have reported it if there was an issue?

No narcissist, that is called anecdotal evidence, just like everything else that comes from your mouth that you swear is the word of God.

You’re saying a lot of stuff I didn’t say, on purpose. It doesn’t support your argument.

I have primary sources for the R-73 and its’ performance. They disagree with the idea that it’s underperforming. I have primary sources for the magic 2 and AIM-9L that suggest they are underperforming.

As you can see, I’ve reported the ones that needed fixed. I’ve been reporting issues with the MiG-29 that had sufficient information backing them to make a report.

I’ve done testing to ensure the MiG-29 follows all of the available graphs, schedules, etc. I provided sources for you to test the MiG-29s performance. This thread is about the MiG-29. I suggest you move this argument to my R-73 thread or to the IR missiles thread if you want to continue rambling on about something from which you have no source or valid reason to make assertions.

Have a good night.

Yeah I agree, the Magic II is irrelevant here bud. Bringing it up is nothing more than another plea for attention and to make it all about you.

Everything has to be about you. I do not care about your thread, I don’t care about your youtube channel of custom battle matches with your sister. It is all anecdotal evidence that took place months ago.

Again, if you have so much of an issue with anyone stating the IRCCM is lacking and the R73 is underperforming lately,

please address those directly that provided the more detailed analysis.

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Where did you find the inner FoV for the R-73?

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DM’d you about it

The biggest problem isn’t irccm so much as flares just overperform like a mf.

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It will be hard to tailor all missiles to have correct flare resistance since every nation irl used various different flares. It’s not so much that they overperform… rather they are all the same and missiles adjusted accordingly.

There have been no recent changes to the rangeBands correlated to countermeasures resistance for the R-73, Magic 2, or AIM-9M. I am not a game developer, just an ordinary player like the rest of us who has access to and chooses to read the datamine and understand what the values in the game files mean. It helps me keep a clearer and unbiased opinion.

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Absolutely irrelevant. They have buffed CM performance and reduce it before for certain missiles. This is nothing more than another “trust me bro, I am a developer” comment.

It seem your missile choosing the hotter man (which is me) and go right in my six lol well i’m not even mad it understandable that sometimes missiles will pickup the closest IR signature instead of enemy it happen with any IR missile


Well said.