Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-29 Fulcrum - History, Design, Performance & Dissection

difficult to avoid by playing aggressively aim-54 missile (flying straight and tracking the target without maneuvers or with light maneuvers) A slight turn will not help, flying close to the ground will not either (this missile is like a bomb, if it explodes on the ground it will kill you in ~80%, and if you are lucky it will only critically damage you).
That’s why aim-54 is a cancer that takes you time to dodge, etc…
Of course, I do not recommend playing aggressively

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That must be your 20 game experience talking the R27ERs are faster and far more deadlier in all aspect especially at high altitude.

The F16C will drop locks constantly and if it was not for the HMD its accuracy would drop further.

The Tomcat has a 9km ACM and its will fail to lock targets until 6km very often. Did I mention how unbelievably slow they are compared to the R27ER? Which longer time to target means the opponent has more time to perform radar defeating techniques and chaff.

The SMT has a more radar modes and narrows FOVs to reacquire targets in addition to HMD and the IRST that can spot targets farther than the actual Search and track function which is an exploit we take advantage of due to the spotting system of the game.

I have 500+ games in the MiG-29’s. I’d rather have more slightly slower SARH missiles without DL or IOG to increase the number of kills I get per game. (On that note, please remove the R-27ER from the game if it’s the issue, y’all will complain about the next thing).

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Talking about the SMT dork. Different jet with a different radar. Why would I want it removed other than it not being a historical loadout and was only added because people like you cried the Mig29 was underperforming and would not play until it is fixed.

JUST like you did regarding the SMT? Is that why you don’t play it much? So it is underperforming?

Why would you say you refuse to play it untill GJ fixes it? Shall we pull the quote up?

Do you think GJN is overstating the multipath effect? Pretty sure some UK players have primary documents that the Skyflash should be capable of hitting targets at much lower altitudes than currently. Not that GJN would take notice.

Obviously this is true. They even stated it is a balancing decision on their part.

To fix top tier imo;
Correct the F-16’s FM
Fix multipathing error
Remove R-27ER
Add R-73 to all MiG-29 variants
Correct AIM-54 performance

We agree on something. But that is not why you said “I refuse to play the SMT, untill GJ fixes this long ass list”

You’re using something I said a long time ago about something that has long since been fixed as bait to get me to reply to you further… this all after you repeatedly told me not to tag you or talk to you. Quit.

You are also using youtube videos of custom matches holding hands with your gf months ago with infinite missiles and min fuel as viable unbiased testing of the R73 and your proof its not underperforming today.

That was literally the same time you stated you would never play the SMT until GJ fixed it.

You claimed no FM changes happened since release of the SMT. Though many of us who actually play the jet has noticed incremental small alterations.

So what are you talking about? Why all of the sudden the SMT is perfect now? Because I agree its underperforming? Because I say it is now?

Guys, should I go back to hating on the SMT, so this dude will stop playing games?

I don’t understand why you two are fighting all the time, relax a little bit, try to reach a consensus on what is wrong or right within the game, if you both can’t, there is no need to fight all the time, just move on

I do but everytime I change positions he jumps back to the opposite.

yeah but u also gotta understand, out of 2800 messages in this thread, maybe 500 are u and mig23m arguing nonstop, just chill a little bit, everyone wants the game fixed in some way, lets try to help each other


There is no better way to continue slinging missiles the way they are intended for testing purposes. I brought with me proof and actual in-game testing to my argument. You have word of mouth.

And I didn’t play it much until the FM was fixed. The videos are about the weapon, not the aircraft. That was the only aircraft with the weapon at top tier when it was added.

When did I say this? If I said it, it was likely true. Since then there have been many changes to the FM… and when you claimed to have noticed a change… there was none.

Because my reports fixed it.

He won’t share a source, or provide constructive criticism. Only criticism and hopelessly bad (completely unfounded) takes.

See therein lies the issue. He senses an attack on his personal being if we are still not satisfied with the model or the missile.

Thank you for your service chief, but the model and missile still needs more work.

It all comes down to how his mind sees it. He thinks if his report did anything the model is now perfect and GJ does not ever go back and make alterations as new additions come to the game.

Be mad at GJ for touching your precious model after the fact. Not us.

not everyone has all the sources mig, i also dont agree how the aim9m is performing right now and i have more than 1000 battles with my mig29 9.13, sometimes is just too annoying to fight against it, yeah the r73 is great for dogfight and super close shots (1.0km or 1.5km), but the aim9m imo is way better than it should be for medium/long shots and cases like this occur more in air rb, 2.0km shots more or less, if u try that with the r73 in my experience, it is way easier to get flared

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I am not the only one you narcissist. I said others have a more detailed analysis of the situation. Pester them for details. Jesus Christ this guy.

Will do thank you

he has a point ziggy, we can’t just -feel- that something is wrong and demand that gaijin do something about it, whether we want it or not, we need to have a reliable source to do tests (in this case, some source about the aim9m) and report to gaijin hoping they can fix something, i do think the aim9m is overperforming but i dont have any source to back that up

I can be the target for anyone who wants to shoot some aim9m at me, to do the tests idk

You just agreed that you do not feel the Aim9m is correct based on game experience. We have everysingle fighter of top tier and can sense minute alterations GJ has been known to do.

Its ONLY the weapon systems this guy ever got acknowledged from by the devs that he is so hyper protective over.

Again, he senses an attack on his personal being if we barely hint at the possibility a model that he does not even own is touched by GJ after the fact.

All we ever said was the missile definitely is more flare sensitive lately and the SMT is not quite as good as we would like. Then he screeches over and over for sources.

Fine I will make a youtube video of me flying around in custom matches for you and title it test 1 and 2 ok? @MiG_23M