Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-29 Fulcrum - History, Design, Performance & Dissection

They are working on the new 79.99$ premiums packs for the next update. Priorities first


In case anyone had problems with the IRST not detecting targets:

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Contrast trackers on helicopters are less effective as well. Something something clouds comes to mind

Yeah, I think that one is new. Started happening after they changed the way clouds interact with thermals/lazers/etc.

Thought it was also present way before on non-thermal trackers.

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The manual is from 30 years ago. We don’t know if they’re still using the basic model.

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I wrote specifically about the R-73 missiles thirty years ago-in relation to your proposal for the Yugoslav Air Tree… Independent Yugoslavian Aviation Tree (re-posted for the new forum) with 99 aircraft - Machinery of War Discussion - War Thunder — official forum
It depends on the stock of the R-73 in warehouses in Serbia…
From open sources-all deliveries of the R-73, including to Serbia, stopped in 2010 …
Since 2015, only the R-74 has been made in Russia…
But there is also Ukraine-has Serbia ordered the modernization of missiles in Ukraine, bought new ones-I I don’t know!

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Anything done to the Mig29SMT that was not mentioned?

I haven’t been this anxious for FM improvements since Mig23M first came out.

You’re welcome to check here anytime. You’ll see the changes there if there are any.

They wont fix anything fm related until the next update drops. Just like last time

We’re also not expecting any further FM changes yet. There are no open reports right now that I know of so I don’t understand why the question is being asked.

Well it’s kind of obvious why no one plays the smt. Even the other 29s have died down.

I’m 80% sure they nerfed the mig29 because they didn’t want the plane to be the best bvr and wvr fighter at the same time, my guess is that they’ll fix the FM only when they add amraams for the western countries so they’ll start dominating BVR

You guys think they might hit us with another Mig29 like the MLD came out really soon after the Mig23M on an extra minor patch BEFORE the winter?

Could be some PR shit or some grind scheme as per usual. It’s just tiresome

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I doubt it. For once I think non usa/ussr nations will get something better for air

Well that’s just how war thunder works unfortunately, before the mig29 got destroyed it dominated for months with the r27er and the correct FM while the f16 had the G limiter, before the mig29 it was the f14 and before the f14 it was the MLD. Sadly this game will probably never see balance, OP stuff always tend to switch hands, that’s how they want it to be.

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btw i’m flying the f16 rn and it’s just ridiculous how easy it is to win against anything that is not another f16, i’m feeling like the rich boy with expensive toys

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The weird part is. Apex predators marketed the f16 blatantly, the mig29 was completely broken for 3 months straight (radar, fm, and stuck with shit missiles) 27ER was an emergency patch. It’s just ironic.

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i absolute hate the r27er because i know it’s one of the reasons for the fm bricking

Well now we can only hope that when the fancy toys from December comes they’ll revise the FM, i don’t expect them to do so next patch…