Independent Yugoslavian Aviation Tree (re-posted for the new forum) with 99 aircraft


This was a suggestion I had originally created on the old forum, and it got passed.

I decided to revive it again as a discussion.

Yugoslavia has many unique vehicles to offer in every aspect of the game. Planes, ground vehicles, even helicopters and naval vessels. Overall I think it is levels above China and Israel, and perhaps closely on par with Italy and France.

Here is the graphic I made on it long ago:


If it’s compressed/poor in quality, click on this link

A total of 99 aircraft are present in the graphic; but as it was made long before late 3rd and 4th gen jets were announced, more aircraft are needed. The tree would receive the MiG-29A izdeliye 9-12B and the Croatian Rafale as its top vehicles. With this in mind, I agree perhaps splitting it into four lines may have been a better idea. I did not have enough foresight when I made it 3 years ago.

Old thread passed to consideration: Independent Yugoslavian Aviation Tech Tree - 99 Aircraft! - Passed for Consideration - War Thunder - Official Forum


Good to see this back!
And uh… Bis-D finally has a successor and what might even give Yugoslavian tech tree future 4th++ gen aircraft


EDIT: You might want to reupload the picture of tech tree, it seems compressed and poor quality


Yes!! I forgot about the Croatian Rafale.

As for the graphic here’s a better link


Needs a bit of a BUMP and a +1

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The transition to the MiG-29 will be smoother with the MiG-23ML…
MiG-23 ML (reg. number 23269), one of the 10 “forgotten” aircraft of the Iraqi army, secretly entered for major repairs in 1989/90 and never returned to Iraq. At the time these photos were taken, few people knew that these planes even existed…



Have you thought about adding albania as a sub tree? Or just some albanian vehicles that yugoslavia never had like the mig 15, 17 and 19 and the H-5/Il-28.

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Albania would actually have better ties to Italy in a lot of cases, not really with Yuga.

Why exactly? They had good relations up until WW 2. Then they didn’t have any communication with italy after communism took over Albania. It wasn’t after 1991 that they reestablished relations. At least Yugoslavia and Albania had a good relationship up until the tito-stalin split. Then resuming relations in the 70s. So in the period in which the albania had better relations with yugoslavia than italy, conveniently has the vehicles yugoslavia didn’t have.


For something after the Mig29, this tree could also get the Croatian Rafale when that comes to the game.


Yes Typhoon pointed that out. I made this tree before Croatia received the Rafale. Though I think not after the MiG-29.

@Deathmisser made a quick MS Paint representation of having the fighter line split in half:


That would mean moving some of the premiums to the main tree, but helping relief the grind by splitting the tree into half. If that’s what Gaijin is going to do then I prefer seeing the Rafale at the end of the lend-lease line.


Yea I made this while I was exiled, the goal was to make this version of the tree to represent what will most likely to happen if gaijin added the tree today.

The problem now is to find a sub tree for them

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Albania not only would it be a non contrervial but also they have Soviet style jets too which would be too out of place for Yugoslavia. Soviet/Chinese jet’s would be fun in the tech tree.

Does there HAVE to be a sub-tree?
EDIT: Tier 5 and onwards is where the real fun starts where you get mix of east and west stuff. Dog Sabres, Thunderjets, MiG-21F-13, PF and so on… It’s all there. Not to mention the Galeb and Super Galeb and J-22 Orao


Depends how gaijin will view it,

I will guess if there is a nation first half of next year,
then they won’t receive one for a good long while yet.

But it will all comes down to whole in tech and mechanics.

The only issue I personally have with the tree is that the PC-9 is marked as croatian. The only real reason is that the croatian air force uses it as a trainer and has mig21 and rafale aircraft as actual service planes, the slovenian airforce uses it as their main service plane.