Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-23 'FLOGGER' - History, Design, Performance & Dissection

I think you did not understand what I have said (or more precisely you did understand but choose to go around my statement): Just post proof that the US airforce said that the MiG-23ML/MLA/MLD series is a “bad” and “failed” aircraft and that the MiG-23 is made from copied F-4 phantom parts and that you can use F-4 phantom stuff on the MiG-23 and it will work just fine (or whatever was the claim you made).
In other terms: post anything where the USAF (not some random “expert” or enthusiast, someone that talks in the name of the USAF) says what you said. Be it a pdf, a document an image a video, whatever. Post something where the USAF says what you claim

interesting, good read!

is 23-11/1 what you use to refer to models 1969/1970/1971?

23-11/1 is particular aircraft, there were other 23-11 prototypes, I’ll add them later in some way, this one is 62

thats what I thought
23-11/2 is also pretty cool with the fuselage K-23s
fun fact the wells for R-23s on the hull remained in production aircraft (despite being nonfunctional) even some of the MiG-23M’s had the wells

  1. MiG-23UVP(23-01)…The flying Laboratory based on the MiG-21 had an index of 23-31…

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2.MiG-23 (23-11)-serial models.1969/1970/1971 year…Experienced 23-11/1_23-11/10 …


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  1. MiG-23S(23-21…product 22)-later it was called 23-11C…

Bonus…16 VA On March 5, 1979, handed over the MiG-23S b/n 87 (Head No. 220001013) to the Air Force of the NNA of the DDR for testing ground equipment.
The tests of the ATU-G/1 were carried out at the Alteno airfield (GDR).
Later, this aircraft entered as a training manual at the NNA Air Force Flight School…
where it was repainted…


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Why was this hidden?

List of bug reports (I have) on the MiG-23

Incorrect HUD
TP-23M under performing
MLD has wrong cockpit
Sapfir-23ML radar behaves incorrectly
No sensor fusion between IRST and radar (seamless switching between IRST and radar locks, IRST giving ranging info)
MLD’s Vertical scan is incorrect
Amethyst radars have incorrect search areas
Missing passive interference modes (chaff ignore)
Missing ASP mode
ML and MLA should not have BP-50-60


Feel free to add any new reports in further posts or keep us updated as stuff is fixed.

Currently gaijan seems insistent the MiG-23ML and MLA had SPO-15s they never had

for the MLA atleast the iraqi’s modded SPO-15 on their MLA’s so if gaijan wanted to say thats where they got it from that’d be fine but the ML forsure should have SPO-10

Also they wanted a primary source for BP-50-60, thats gonna be a while until I get a full scan of the ML manual so that report is in limbo until further notice


The Iraqi ones had…as for the MiG-23ML…
The MiG-23ML is a premium pack introduced in Update “Apex Predators”. It is functionally identical to the MiG-23MLA… MiG-23ML - War Thunder Wiki
that is, in fact, it is a Soviet MiG-23ML(A) called ML, from ML he has only the name of the Radar in the game…the characteristics of the Radar are the same as those of the MiG-23ML(A)- in a German tree…



thats not BP-50-60 those MLA’s had ASO-2, they actually had a lot more CMs since its 4 ASO-2 dispensers, for a total of 128 CMs

unfortunately its hard to find a good pic with ASO-2 installed, but you can note it to be much smaller than BP-50-60

image of BP-50-60

This is also an error the RP-23ML should have inferior performance to the N003, as of right now all the MiG-23 radars have the same performance

I think he’s trying to say it’s a naming error and that the Russians upgraded theirs to MLA, but didn’t call it such.

In game its meant to be representative of the 23-12 not 23-12A otherwise it would have the RP-23MLA (N003) and not the RP-23ML radar which was only for the base 23-12s

Did anyone officially make that claim? Or is that an assumption?

There were similar issues with F-14 ordnance and other aircraft issues but Gaijin opted for a hybrid model or whatever.

I mean you can just look at the radar ingame and its name

That is why he was saying it’s a naming error.

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If so then they should address that, though I have my doubts since the MLA in the german tree is also called an MLA, but also could be an MLA too since the camo is of an early MLA, either way should be addressed

The game has all the characteristics and weapons of the MiG-23ML as in German ML (A)…they may have simply forgotten to add the letter A in the name of the sight…
About the name… МиГ-23МЛА(ГДР)-Неправильный внешний вид ПВД…Неверное обозначение модификации…Часть 2 - Германия - Официальный форум (warthunder.ru)