Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-23 'FLOGGER' - History, Design, Performance & Dissection

idk how he came to that conclusion theres nothing copied from the F-4, there’s a myth that the intake design was copied but its also a myth and not real

Ok, so since you said nothing copied. I will go back to get my sources.

I want you to confirm that you 100% certain not a thing was copied from captured downed F-4s in Vietnam and placed on the Mig23.

Is that correct?

yeah, any claim like that isn’t based on reality and is just vibes by the author pretty much (Tom Cooper and yefim gordon)

the two aircraft are nothing alike


you dont see the vision


mig 25 came first

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  1. MiG-23ML/MLA/MLD was mass produced, exported and in Afghanistan it performed decently well, so I don’t know what you are talking about here.
    The only aircraft that was not put into service but many believe would have performed very well is the MiG-29M 9-15, as it is only 400kg heavier than 9-13, has a lot more thrust and especially more low speed airflow, 2 more missile pylons (also could take 4 R27E instead of 2) and the Zhuk radar.

  2. that’s simply ridiculous, one is a 2 engine much heavier fighter with a wing that has high energy bleed, while the other is a much lighter singles engine fighter with variable geometry wings. The only thing the F4 and MiG-23 have in common is the fact that both were designed to have their SARH missiles and radar as their primary weapon.

2-3) What the jet has is high aspect wings, which give it very low induced drag, which are the attributes of a good rate fighter.
Regardless of that the best way to look at this is to see the manuals. You are right about the fact that it shouldn’t be able to set the wings at every angle it wants since in real life it wouldn’t be flown that way, but the most efficient wing sweeps in game should be the ones it used in real life, so it shouldn’t change max performance. Remember i am using SHOULD, need to test to confirm that.

  1. MLD upgrade DID improve the aircraft, how is it a failed upgrade?

Pilots could (and did) set the wings at whatever sweep they wanted. The only time this didn’t happen is if it wasn’t possible. MLD aggressors were known to give MiG-29 pilots a very hard time irl.


infact pilots often found their own favorite wing sweep for best maneuvering performance, which on MLs was 35 degree sweep and this was integrated on the MLD by changing the 45 degree indent for a 33 degree one (33 instead of 35 to take into account for airframe modifications)


I always knew pilots could choose between pre determined sweep values (70,45,33,0 degrees) not a continuous range at any angle like it is in game.

Never read the aircraft manual though, so i could very well be wrong

Max sweep is 72, min is 16. It is a lever with markings indicating what sweep they are at. They can move it to any point, it does not need to be set at 16, 33, 45, or 72 specifically. In fact it can operate through the entire flight envelop of speeds from stall to mach 2 if they leave it at 45 degree sweep.

In real life this is all done manually, no automatic sweep as there is in war thunder.

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there are 3 indents 16 degree, 45 (33 on MLD), and 72 but you can set it to any angle inbetween

What the the hell is this, are you ok?

Umm ok… air intakes look the same generally to the untrained eye, but the technologies and mechanization that channel and dicate airflow during differing flight envelopes can have similarities or exactly the same parts.

Wait, you heard somone say they look alike therefore they copied? This picture is your kind of making fun of those people? You took the time to draw did this yourself? Nice.

Additionally, the Soviet Union intentionally made many working parts interchangeable with the West as doctrine. They did so as military planning in the event and likelihood of a large-scale war with NATO was imminent and the likely hood of capturing a large number of airbases in the European theatre. Instead of having zero use of captured western fighters. They intelligently designed many parts to be interchangeable, cutting down maintenance wait time and exhausting logistics for minor parts.

Let me guess, by your little picture here, you still fail to see the logic in that military war planning even though WWIII was critically on the USSRs mind at the time of the Mig23s development.


whats annoying about war thunder is when you set wing sweep all the way forward it will still start to swing back at higher speeds, ik its to prevent you from easily ripping but I’d rather have full control over the wings instead of being babied, atleast in sim it would be nice to have true manual control

Didn’t know that, thanks for telling me :D.

Automatic wing sweep in warthunder is like automatic engine control with props, in air RB it should be this way.

In simulator though it should be only manual (idk how it is right now)

name one interchangeable part

According to a Constant Peg pilot the MiG-23 can use NATO 20mm with their 23mm and said a lot of parts were interchangeable. This simply isn’t true in the slightest. Even to this day there is a gigantic stockpile of misinformation from the US about the MiG-23. Museums, former aggressor pilots who flew it alike state bad information religiously.

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ofcourse that isn’t true im just curious what he thinks is interchangeable and if he can back it up without a personal attack since thats generally how these things go


The stockpile of misinformation on the MiG-23 is about as big as the stockpile of government cheese.