Mighty Mouse (1.19 kg or 1.14 kg TNT) in Air RB

It is - again, possible to destroy a base using unguided rockets like Mighty Mouse.
A year ago during summer event it was changed and no longer possible.
Now it is possible again. Is it a bug or intended??

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It was always possible. The only thing that changed in the past was the damage done and the self destruct.

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Then why US Mighty Mouse with 1.19kg TNT isn’t able to destroy a base when Swedish m/57B with 1.14 kg TNT is? I’m comparing premium Saab J35XS with F-105D.

FFAR Mighty Mouse


You need to be more precise in your description.
All missiles with explosives should be able to make base damage, so if a base has received enough damage, they should all be able to destroy a base.
The damage done per missile is different, depending not only on explosive, but on purpose (penetrating vs personal damage, gaijin preferences etc…).

Δ° once damaged a base with a A2A missile that lost track of the target lol

In Sim you can damage base destroying AA ;)

Probably has something to do with the fact that m57b is a HE rocket and FFAR is a HEAT rocket. While HEAT warheads do have explosive power, the damage mechanics are overall quite different

lol thats funny I got a tk on an ai ground unit with an aim-9E once rofl