Might be gone for a few weeks

Hey guys, just came out to say I broke something on my pc and it might be a few weeks before I can get it back, it’s just a mark on my screen, but I might send it in, and if a mod sees this, please keep my login streak.

I am pretty sure that you can login in from the mobile app and keep your streak that way.

Log in on a cheaper machine to keep that streak going… They can’t help you keep your streak going.

Mods are just moderators.

Streak is pointless anyways, stop falling for it, day 10, day 100 or day 1000 you get the same garbage and getting some crappy decal surely isn’t worth logging in for years.

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That’s just your opinion to be real… I like my decals and constant +1 on my days.

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Not really an opinion, rewards don’t increase beyond the first set of days or the 100th, and a decal is a lousy reward for literal years of logging in, only getting the big rewards is a streak worth going, it’s insanity to keep logging in during holidays and whatever.

It is your opinion, as you don’t see the point in having the decal.

I’m up 2940 or something because I’m genuinely going for the decals.

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Yeah, doesn’t mean you’re not insane and that it’s worth it, you’re just in to deep and you don’t want to give up a streak.

I do think they could be more generous, but i did get the 1mill SL 2 days ago, ok it only brought me 2 swifts and crew that i am struggling with due to BR compression.

If you log in for a year you should at least get something of value, I don’t care about any daily login because the rewards are trash most of the time and they expire shortly anyways, but if you log in for a year give them a trophy decorator or something else, and make it shiny and obnoxious to fit in with the sparklers and neon signs for full immersion.

Didn’t they postpone that?

Well, I don’t think so, and I like my digital flex.

What’s yours at? Shame we can’t check that on that like stats so I can shame your non-dedication/uncoordination…

I’m on day 2.