Might as well

Just remove tanks all together


Thank you for the extremely original post, as if there are not a few thousand other people who have the same complaints…


Get more SPAA out then…

what is a player supposed to do when they get matched on the team that 3/4 of them leave, oh yeah guess the team I am on is a skill issue.

Because the moan about how hard it is is spreading to others and making them all ODL, or they peak too soon thinking they can take on the entire team by themselves…

It doesn’t hide the issue that you’re having that you are dying to planes, as exemplified by your change of nick prior…

You know from experience yourself, SPAA isn’t the answer. The best lower tier SPAA Wirbel isn’t doing the trick. As so many state, the best answer to air is MORE air. So now we have everyone spawning air and it is no longer anything but Air Realistic Battle instead of GRB Mixed. I hate it when I find 50 to 60% of my team flying and dying and battle lost. Clearly the answer isn’t air in itself, it is how it manifests itself in game. Over powering everything on the deck. Players just say “screw it” and ODL. Maybe making spawn cost for air higher will help, altho I’d personally hate that as I don’t care about winning but really enjoy shooting air.
Making suggestions like “Get more SPAA out” knowing it is useless against multiple air targets kinda shows a lack of game understanding. All suggestions such as “spawn air” “use SPAA” are just platitudes hoping to deflect from the real problem which is the imbalance between air vehicle BR and ground vehicle BR, they can’t be balanced. Air at 2.3 BR can kill a tank at BR 11.7 but a 2.3 tank can’t kill an Air at 11.7. It’s a stretch but you get my meaning.

Yea, nah, this guy is literally just mad at planes… It was obvious when they changed thier name mid-rampage.

And SPAA and backups, making sure to actually hold your nerve and not merely flail out randomly with a beacon of tracer so planes can hit you in the reload, is a very valid point.

I’m sorry you don’t see this as being valid, but I KNOW it’s valid.

Many who complain, don’t even try because they think the same as you… That’s why we end up with ODLs, and constant whinging about how bad things are, and the second anyone pipes up with advice they get hit by many who want to put out that it’s pointless, like you.

Well I do know you are an experienced SPAA user, most used vehicle you have. Much like me, and I think I am not bad at SPAA, the KD most have is a break even. There is more against SPAA then just the users. Map design and cover are all against survival of SPAA. If multiple air up, engaging one only signals the others to kill you. 50 cal and 20mm do more damage to an armored SPAA then they do to an unarmored aircraft. They (air) also have the advantage of being able to kill you after you kill them, SPAA can’t do that. So again, the best option is air on air but that in itself defeats the whole purpose of using ground vehicles. My SPAA deaths are around a 50/50 split between ground and air. I didn’t say it is pointless just that the odds are never good on ground vehicle side in a one on one contest between ground and air. Your and my stats prove that with KD of 1:1. Sure some of mine (M163) are higher but with BR raised and guided munitions, my M163 is useless, everything is out of range. Same with my ADATS, just trading kills now, 1:1 and repair is way higher then the reward for the kill so why bother (well I do it for fun). SPAA isn’t the answer to air power, never was in real life, not in war thunder.

You’re literally feeding into the excuse that there is no point, as per the title of the thread…

These excuses, lead to more excuses.

Reality and fact are reasons, not excuses. By ignoring that there may be a better mouse trap, you feed the frustration and empower players to take whatever avenue they deem appropriate as a solution. Offering weak lame solutions like “use a SPAA” when these players are as knowledgeable as the rest of us only puts them off. I like to keep an open mind, not pass on really useless solutions to a very real and existing issue. SPAA are NO MATCH against air. If it is, man, you and I really suck at using SPAA.
If everybody jumps into an aircraft as a solution, well we have a mode called Air Realistic Battle 2.0

Nah man, check the room…

This victim card playing should be countered, and you, wanting to prove me wrong with our history, shows you’re only in here to reinforce the victim card playing…

Enough with the moaning.

you work for Gaijin?

No. Stop looking for excuses, and actually get good.

Well done, lowering the bar on suggestions “get good” hahahahahaha
BR 3 SPAA KD average is 1.12 against air.
BR 2 Air P-40 (this is a fighter not CAS) KD against ground is 2.13
Again this only suggests using air as SPAA is a losing proposition.
Try not to personalize this as it is only stats and to suggest a ground vehicle can be on equal ground with air isn’t supported by available information.

Well, what? What else is there?

His entire want is regardless of any stats you can pull from either of our cards. You think you need to have a good KDR, I don’t… And because of the respawn mechanics, I almost deem those sorts of stats as nothing more than ego-drivers… Nothing to do with the game itself.

You think too highly of me if you think these are from my stats. This is just game average stats using these two vehicles. Obviously having a good KD is a reflection of your game performance hence why I am rated as average. I couldn’t care less about winning or KD but am more driven by game enjoyment. After playing for almost 10 yrs I have watched this game go from excellent to mediocre with more attention placed on introducing premiums then quality of play. In stead of Coke, you now get Coke Light :)

None of this is anything to do with the OP and their issue with handling the game.