Migaine player seeking advice

I am just seeking advice. I had today a match where sun was behind enemy spawn. My team was force attack sun in my eyes, I know it blinds people but it gave much such migraine that I had to crawl in bathroom to throw up. Are there some settings that can be adjusted I keep my monitor pretty dim. I know these game don’t occur often but when they do they are living torture for me. I don’t want to jump out of game and try even be some use to my team.

Attacking against sun is already difficult enough but to get migraine attacks way it has been implimented. Ugh. I know devs are not going to do anything about that, since dev’s don’t care things like that I am afraid, I hope I would be wrong but… I don’t hold my breath.

get/use sunglasses or gunnars or yellow sunglasses… plenty of options where you can dim things, either settings in game, your monitor, or glasses (that block light, at least partially)

also, you missed an r

Get a welders mask.

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Change your monitor settings to be less blue, AKA warmer.
Use tinted glasses.

speaking of crap lighting, i played Holland yesterday, at dusk, with clouds. even with max brightness, i could barley see inside the mall as it was a single point game

IDK how anyone could even play WT at all with migraines. You are a trooper.
They really should disable that setting in random battles.
Yes Gaijin, everyone knows its a military disadvantage to attack/defend into the sun. But this is a game and its supposed to be fair and you know… fun.
Fix your f#@#Iing game!

You need those glasses they give for sun eclipses

I’d say try these, but . . . .

Lol, looks like it’s my option it is 😂

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