Mig29 smt need new engine and targeting pod

General consenus. A seperate Tornado F3 CSP might be good, but still would be the weakest top tier jet in game. But if it was a straight upgrade. It would probably perma kill the jet.

Gripen would be a meh placeholder, but few liked getting SA vehicles in ground. So getting SA in air wouldnt be well recieved i reckon.

I just dont think its sustainable. Both Britain and Germany will at best, be fielding 12s next update with AMRAAM vs 12.3s and 12.7s with AMRAAM. Penny is going to have to drop eventually and Typhoon will be the ONLY option. Q4 this year or Q1 next year is now reckoning for a Typhoon. Was Q2 next year but that was before Aim9M and R73 roll out so early. Figured we might at least get FA2 with 9M whilst everyone else had 9L or equivalent

Germany has a 12.3 minimum called F-4F ICE. Pretty much a heavier F-18 with worse engines.
Gripen is 12.3 as well.
You’re far too soon for Typhoons when we don’t even have F-15s yet let alone ARHs.
I get you want stuff, but you have to realize how powerful Typhoon is sooner or later.

Sea Harrier FA2 is what we’ll get not Gripen.

So thats a 10.7 wirh AMRAAM. Will be 12.0 i reckon. A Phantom with AMRAAM is still a Phantom. Vs F-16 or Mig29 it will be cannon fodder. Doubt it will be 12.3

F15 gets added. Typhoon gets added. Simple. I give it 3 months

It’s a Phantom with an F-18 radar, agile eagle, and still a good airframe. Especially if SMT’s airframe is considered good…
And no, F-15C is worse than Typhoon until AMRAAM Cs, which we’re not getting an F-15 with AMRAAM Cs until next year either.

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Then Britain is DOA for another year then. Back to the FRS1 then. Because its Typhoon or DOA. No middle ground exists

It’s not DOA, Gripen is a solid platform.
Typhoon would be OP, and demanding a 13.0 when we’re just now at 12.3 isn’t helpful.

We. Wont. Get. Gripen.

Id be willing to bet our next and only jet this year is the Sea Harrier FA2.

Tornado F3 [11.3] vs 12.3s is considered fair.

I dont actually think it would be unfair for britain to get a 12.7/13 when other nations will have 12.7

I wouldnt mind if they added the BAe EAP with supertemps and 9ls. Would be a stretch just like the f16aj but could fix britan’s lack of a competitive 12.0 aircraft.
That thing would have a incredible flight performance with okish missiles (supertemps are great, but 9ls are kinda obsolete/balanced right now)

Yeah, unfortunately that been squashed. 0 chance of that

Our best hope is either Typhoon DA2 with 9ls and supertemps (maybe AMRAAM with a soft-cap) or Sea Harrier FA2 with AAM advantage (Like getting Aim-120C before other nations)

I was under the impression DA2 lacked any countermeasures, has there been evidence to suggest it had countermeasures?

I have no idea, but Yak141 got IRST and radar because it “could/planned” to get them. No reason same philosophy cant be applied to the DA2

  1. If you’re talking at all about your experience pre-patch then that’s a joke. MiG-29 9.12/9.13 ran the game in La Royale.

  2. If you’re only talking about this patch, I still find it incredibly hard to believe you think the much more powerful 29 is equal to likes of the F-4S, F-14A, etc

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We go to the book practical aerodynamics of the MiG-29 aircraft in the engine section. And we are looking at this graph. On which the coefficient of conservation of the total pressure is indicated. And we see that it changes abruptly

Currently MiG-29SMT (9-19) no thermal guidance pod

I might expect gajin consider Sapsan-E on MiG-29SMT 9-19 next month or december this year because it might be the best targeting pod for russian fighter aircraft

I reckon new T-Pods to a lot of nations soon, but at the same time

Yes, I’m talking about last patch where I played a lot of top tier.

Mostly in the F-16 ADF and F1C(and others but those were the mains)

This patch, the US is dominating top tier instead of just between 9.0-10.7

unfortunately I dont think it can be applied since the DA2 was a development aircraft not intended to ever enter production as the actual Eurofighters in serial production do exist and are different from the DA2

honestly best bet for UK might be a commonwealth addition like a Canadian/Australian F-18, wont be a british plane but atleast something more competitive than a Tornado or SHAR FA.2 to hold them down until the eurofighter

By the time we get F18s. There is no excuse not to get a full Typhoon F2. I have no idea what they have in mind for the DA2. But i just dont think they can add F2 anytime soon, but they also cant not add a typhoon relatively soon

an early F-18 with only sparrow and 9M would be inferior to a Typhoon with AIM-120s and 9M so there is a good excuse, though ofcourse that all depends on if the F-18 is added before the addition of AIM-120s or not

I reckon aim120 next update (oct)