Mig29 smt need new engine and targeting pod

mig29smt just only have r73 than mig29 9.12/13,this plane is much weaker than f16c,only have 60 flare and more heavy body。beside smt need targeting pod for attack tanks and aa


Mig29 not a usa plane. So the gaijin just nerf the mig29 flight performance. Smt have 8300kgf trust/ engine but the gaijin not implemented. And overbuff the usa planes like after this update. So im happy in my f16aj UwU ☺️


usa jet mostly strong in recent version,such as f14a,f16,f14b

Mig-29SMT uses RD-33 engines.
They cannot receive a better engine.
The Mig-29s that received better engine RD-33MK are Mig-29M, Mig-29K, and Mig-35.

@F-2A_Viper_Zero Mig-29SMT, 9.12, and 9.13 all have their correct identical engine thrust.
8300kgf is static without channel losses, and the engines push out 11,000kgf at speed.


its a trash joke plane right now

maybe if you had 1 braincell you would just fly low and automatically dodge all the “op R27ERs”

The mig-29 does not dominate at top tier. I’ve been shot down by more F-14s and F-16s. Hell the F-4S can usually take me out easily.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying the 29 is bad at all just that it is more then evenly matched with the top tier US jets.


actually just usa jet dominanting top tier,mig29 9.12 first come just r60m and 27r,was totally disappointing. aim9l in past version just like aim9m,you lock someone 6 clock,then take him.

AIM-7F/M has been dominating air equally to 27ER.


“Our brand-new, top tier, multi-role 12.3 is not good enough to easily defeat every other nation in the game. We need a major buff to make it the best jet in the game”

Britain and Sweden:

“Can we get any 12.0 please?”

There are bigger problems right now than the usual meta nation getting buffs after they just got another top tier, meta aircraft. 2 nations have yet to recieve a playable top tier aircraft. Imagine if all you had was the Mig23MLD or maybe a Yak-141 with worse AAMs. Be happy with what you’ve got. It could be worse


No, because Sweden, Finland, South Africa, and Britain never serviced 12.0s.
So they’ll get 12.3s.
Also, F-4FG1 is on par to Mig-29SMT in flight performance currently.

MiG-29SMT (9-19) access short-range & medium-range Air-to-Air Missile like MiG-29S (9-13S), MiG-29SM (9-13SM), Su-27S/P Flanker-B, and MiG-29M (9-15)

And currently lack 3rd generation targeting pod

Precisely, 3 nations that already had highly competitive 12s got 12.3s before the 2 nations that debatably didnt even have strong 11.7s got anything new. Britain and Sweden both could and should have recieved 12s/12.3s at some point in the past 9 months. But instead we’ve been sat twiddling our thumbs in lower tiers watching other nations get upgrades.

I also disagree about the “no 12s” thing. There was no reason why they couldnt have added a Gripen with only IR AAMs (maybe ahistorical SARH as a short term placeholder) for sweden and maybe something like the Harrier Gr9A with Aim-9M (and other 12.0 appropriate features) but not give Aim-9M/R-73 to other nations to give it a AAM advantage, been done in the past and would ahve been totally fair

Clearly Gripens and F-15s aren’t ready. In the case of Tornado F3 ARHs are still getting prepped for when every tech tree has a vehicle ready for them.

At which point, the F3 will be no better off, it will just be 1 full BR higher than it is currently, but will still have the performance of a 11.3. Britains only real hope outside of the Typhoon, was to get AMRAAM and/or Aim-9M on weaker airframes like the F3 or SHar FA2 before other nations. That is highly unlikely now. So both sides will field the same weapons but Britain will have the inferior airframe. So will loose most fights. Though that does hopefully mean we’ll have AMRAAMs at BR12 vs everyone else at 12.7

So basically Britains ONLY real hope, is an early Typhoon like the DA2. Going to need to come in the next 6 months or We’ll be 2 BRs behind before it comes

AMRAAMs make dogfighting less of an issue, and F3 still remains one of the fastest vehicles on the deck.
Mig-29SMT is the weakest Mig-29 airframe, which makes sense as an R-77 plfatform.
F-16C getting AMRAAM As.
Time will tell what the less potent items get, obviously Gripen’s getting AMRAAM Bs at this point.
Britain ain’t getting Typhoon until next year as it’s superior to all other AMRAAM carriers coming after all.

If the F3 could fire, let it go active and defend, whilst hte other side had to maintain a lock. Then it would have been advantage. If both sides can fire, let it go active and defend. then it will innevitably go WVR, Tornado F3 looses that instantly

Despite the fact its slower than a Mig-29

Fully spaded F3 is 1244kt

A stock Mig-29 is 1243 kt

A Stock SMT is 1194kt

A Stock F-16C is 1117kts

So where it does hold a minor advantage. Its incredibly small when Spaded vs Spaded. ALso the F3 burns so much fuel, it needs a full tank and drop tanks

I’ve tried running away from a fight in SB, but they innvetiably just catch up to you. Its not like the Days where hte FGR2 could leave the Mig-23 in the dust to avoid a WVR fight.

There isnt much choice. What other British jet could be added that is even remotely competitve. besides, we want the DA2. Which has both Placeholder radar and engines and more limited CM count and defensive aids. 6x Aim-9L when everyone else has Aim-9M and R-73 mitigates WVR. and 4x AMRAAM is the same as what everyone else will have, including the Tornado F3 CSP. So in my opinion, it would be an ideal candidate for a 12.7. I’d need to check the specs, but wouldnt be that much stronger than a buffed F-16 and no where in the ToS does it say US and USSR must have the best vehicles in game. After a year of being 1 full BR behind most nations. Being 1 stop ahead would be a nice change

I don’t use knots. I use mach & kph, mach at sea level cause 1.2 mach is easy to remember for F3.
Vs 1.15 for F-14B, and 1.2 for F-14A.

You get South Africa’s Gripen until next year. Cause you & I both know that any Typhoon development didn’t begin long enough ago to cause that specific variant.

I stick with Knots because i CBA to swap when i play naval, and its fine in both. But none the less. F3 at most is Mach 1.2 but typically Im more like 1.1-1.15. Ive been caught up to a number of times by Mig-29s and even a F-16MLU before. I rarely fight F-14s becaue of SB.

Yeah… C&P from a random nation that no British main wants… But you & I both no, we arent actually getting a Gripen. That would mean giving Britian a potentially viable jet. It Will be Sea Harrier FA2 and that is probably it for 2023. They’ve spent 9 months working on finishing the FRS1. Slap the Gr7 engine into, make some tweaks to the cockpit. Slap Aim-9Ms and AMRAAM onto it and job done. Limited AAM count, Limited CM, subsonic. Its got Britian Tax prepaid

I’m pretty sure most Britain mains will appreciate F3 with AMRAAMs & Gripen than waiting for Typhoon, Rafale, Su-30, F-2, etc to be added.