Mig23ML post nerf topic

Reading the Mig23ML upcoming nerf, what y’all think about it? Is it still worth the pack? Or it will become another plane cursed by performance?

Lotta planes got nerfed with the fm changes, idk if id say its as versatile as before but it might just be a missile carrier now. Idk if it will go down or not. That deoends on player performance when this change goes live.

If it was the Mig-23 only. Then it would bring it down to be on-par with other jets. As almost all jets at that BR are probably getting nerfed. Then it will stay being one of the strongest 11.3s in game

Don’t agree. The 23 now is essentially a F-104/Tornado that can use R-24Rs but can’t get gun kills any longer. This new role as a missile boat isn’t going to work because of its poor avionics and poor IR missiles relative

Wonder what br my favorite 11.0 plane will go to now(mig 27)

in air probably 10.7 if I had to guess

its not nerfed, its f*g joke now

Anyone noticed, on the DEV Server, you have auto MTI now.
No manual selection of MTI.
Means u are forced to use SRC and are easyly chaffed and cant maintain a lock now

That is all aircraft btw. Though Im kinda annoyed they removed auto ACM from the Tornado F3

Mirage F1C (Premim) still has manual selected MTI mode

Hmm… Well I know every single British aircraft has auto mode swapping at least. Maybe they’ll do it to all eventually.

This is a big nerf and is unanounced.

yes and no, I’ve had no issues on the F3 and was actually a buff for the FGR2. Couldn’t swap modes mid lock before now it does and maintains a lock better than it did before. Though perhaps it could be an option to toggle on and off.

I was so tempted to buy it, glad I did not