MiG-29SMT's flight model needs a revision

Whether you like it or not, the year doesn’t matter, any F-16 made irl is beating any mig29 in a dogfight. It’s as simple as that.

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He thinks the original model Gaj made with their cope bias is the real flight model IRL. You really cant make this up.

German Mig29 and Mirage2000 says hello.

When Us F-16 had their first engagements against German Mig29’s in training they Lost multiple dogfights thanks to combination of Mig29’s agility at high speeds and R73.

Not mention flight manual shows both aircraft performs almost identical in rate fight, a type of fight where F-16 should win right?

F-16 also shouldnt be able to win against Mirage2k in high speed or one circle fight, but this is not the case in WarThunder.

İf you’re gonna claim something at least do it with actual backups.


Lmao, nice joke tbh.

But i like i Said on previous reply, İf you’re gonna claim something do it with actual backups.

Cause German Mig29 flight manual actually proves how wrong you are.

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Yea thats not true. You act as if the German pilots won 100% of the time when in fact they did not. In certain scenarios in BFM the HMS and R-73 scored a few kills, but in no way was it a lop sided contest.

the F-16 is one of the best dogfighting jets ever made. In 1 circle and 2 circle it can perform very well. This is known and has been known. Just because something can rate better than another jet on paper doesnt mean the pilot is going to put it in that envelope. The F-16 is a platform that if flown correctly can give any jet problems.

I mostly agree with this post, the F-16C vs Mig 29SMT matchup has been discussed in great detail as of late, here’s a few other things;

I think with the current F-16 FM being much more suitable for air rb, I’d be fine if the Mig 29 9.13 and 9.12 return to having similar stats from the previous patch, and the SMT being improved in fm, but the “worst” overall when looking at all of these planes.

Another way to buff the SMT without risking a return to last patch where the Mig 29 was the only jet you had any reason to play would be to increase the countermeasure number to that of the original plan for a domestic model as opposed to the final number used on the 9.19.

Maybe alongside this add the Aim 9M to the F-14B and throw it up to 12.3, give the F-14a Aim 9L, throw it up to 12.0, mainly to help with decompression, but that’s another topic.


Its not that the F-16 is more suitable for Air RB its just Russian players are using the jet wrong. They want to BFM like an F-16 and thats really not what the SMT is going to give you performance wise.

SMT is a BVR machine that is gifted two free easy kills with the R-27ER + 180 degree radar with TWS. If you cant put that together in your head and understand how powerful those things are combined you probably running into F-16s head on and dying to Aim9Ms over and over then come here and post about wanting thrust vectoring for your Mig-29.

I would fly up to about 4500-5500m Launch my first R-27ER at about 30km in TWS lock mode then go into full notch while still holding said lock. Wait for Easy kill Message, climb up while notching, turn into fight. Pick new target, repeat the above.

Turn off radar. No need for it anymore. It creates blips and we dont want that.

Now I am semi-stealth stealth because my radar isnt giving off RWR blips and I can sneak up and shoot my R-73s and score more kills. Easy 3-5 kill game on average. If you cant get at leas 2 with R27ers I dont know what to tell you. Thats user error because they are 100% those most free kill in the game.

Currently R27ER’s cannot be fire on TWS mode, another false claim from you.

Second, with RWR changes you can basically tell when Fox-1 missiles coming at you, at that rate all you have to do is basically fly low so you can dodge that missile easily, seems like another skill issue you have.

Third, its not Russian’s fault that NATO didnt put any thrust Vectoring İr missiles into service until they saw R73 and realized they have inferior missiles, but you cry on that part.

Honestly all im seein is a guy who loves nothing but a complain about why his favourite nation doesnt have best toys with best kits while ignoring every single other facts.

Grow up dude.


No one is crying for US upgrades. Its just you who is crying for thrust vectoring. Im fine with my 1983 Aim9Ms lol.

F-16 cannot perform very well in one circle, stop spreading misinformation.

Even F-15 beats F-16 in one circle fight while F-16 shines in actual energy and rate fight.

This so called F-16’s superior to everything in every situation claim is nothing but a bs tbh.



İm not the one who cant handle the reality buddy.

But go on and cry at the corner while claiming F-16 is superior to any aircraft.


Says the guy who posts how Us got victimized in his every single post.

İ suggest touch some grass us fanboy.


When I said that, I specifically meant in comparison to the F-16 last patch in which it was just not able to dogfight in top tier due to the Starfighter esq flight model requiring long lasting sustained dgofights entered and maintained in a specific speed range, making the best way to play it bnz with zero turning, which was miserable as at any decent speed most jets would just out-pull it.

I recognize the SMT has the best kit in the game currently, which is why I’m okay with it’s fm being improved so long as it doesn’t out-dogfight planes which specialize in dogfighting, then we’d just be back to last patch where the Mig 29 is the only jet you have any reason to play.


Finally someone who gets it.

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Performs very well in one and two circle.

These are you words, not mine.

So let me ask you, against which plane F-16 performs very well in one circle fight? Tornado,Su24 or Tu-160? Cause Last time i checked even F-15 beats F-16 in one circle fight.

So try to use your brain and imagine what Rafale can do to F-16 or any agile plane in one circle fight


İ mentioned on my previous reply that even Mirage2k cant beat F-16 in one circle or high speed fight due to how Gaijin modelled those aircrafts.

Oh wait you didnt even cared about that part because of how arrogant and clueless you are.


I’ll still say, if Gaijin thinks the AOA pull or drag on the Mig 29s got overcorrected, then by all means, they can fix it, but at the same time, tbe Mig 29 definitely isn’t a struggle bus when looking at most nations.

So I’m all for tweaking the flight model to make it’s dogfighting abilities more usable so long as it’s not so much of a buff that it obsoletes jets in the same tier, since the R-27e variants and R-73 are an absolute standout kit and they already make it the best missile bus by a noticable, but not insurmountable margin.

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FYI, that guy is basically like that. He went to IRIS-T thread and coped about it, he went to KF41 thread and coped about it, now its SMTs time ))

Anyhow, I think it’s clear as day MiG-29s got some massive FM issues. The lightest and thus the most manouverable of them (MiG-29A 9.12) can currently be done in by an F-16 of whatever skill level (btw, on the dev server both aircraft could outdogfight one another if both were used to their strengths - however as of now, the F-16C [the heaviest US F-16] dumpsters it - needless to say the SMT is like a flying brick in comparison).

Most of it is due to Gaijin increasing MiG-29s drag to insane levels - it basically dumps all of its energy and becomes a flying mattress, it cannot pull enough AoA and has become G-limited (i haven’t pulled more than 10G in the 9.12A since the patch, I’ve seen F-16C’s pull 15Gs [which is beyond the aircraft’s structural limit!].

I think the debacle on which is a better dogfighter is quite pointless, both should have to use their own strength’s and the enemy’s weaknesses to come out on top - however, as of now, MiG-29 has no strengths over the F-16, and the F-16 has no weaknesses over the MiG-29 (from my own experience dogfighting); so the fight has become too uneven.

I’m not saying we should go back to pre-patch MiG-29 that could pull 16G’s out of its ass, but damn, right now it feels like the MiG-29 is the FBW aircraft, and the F-16 feels like an analog aircraft - when it should be the other way around.


Sure kiddo, whatever you say.

İts not like im the one who defends one nation to the end while doesnt care what happens to to other ones as long as he gets what he wants.

Anyway seems like i wasted enough time with someone who doesnt even know anything about his vehicle.

İ suggest touch some grass and realize that US isnt the only nation who can build proper equipments.