MiG-29SMT's flight model needs a revision

All three MiG-29s have a much worse flight performance comparing to last patch, which makes it rather hard to dogfight with them (9-12 and 9-13) or just straightly impossible to dogfight (SMT). The very slow response and turn rate in SMT is quite unrealistic considering all the maneuver it demonstrated in a lot of airshows, mainly the MAKS airshow every year. Same applies to both 9-12 and 9-13 as Mig-29 is basically well-known for being one of the best dogfighter ever designed and also proved in multiple exercises. I think it will be realistic and more enjoyable for players if Mig-29 can get its flight performance improved to the level of last patch, while SMT slightly worse than that, and I believe this improvement will not make any Mig-29 way too op or dominant.

On behalf of balancing, I don’t think currently either MiG-29 9-12/9-13 or SMT is very overpowered or dominating, and an improvement in flight performance, at least to the degree making them as good as last patch, is not going to make them dominant or overpowered either. I am not saying SMT is not good or too weak, considering its missiles are pretty good. My argument is that improving their flight performance a little bit will make Mig-29 more enjoyable to fly and more realistic at the same time, while not making them too op since their strength is mainly based on the capability of R-27/R-73, and better agility only enables Mig-29 to use its gun in certain occasions. After all it will still lose a two circle fight to F-16 or a one circle fight to Mirage 2000 even if Mig-29 got improved to its performance last patch. Better agility also will not make SMT’s missle any more lethal, considering R-73/R-27’s does not rely much on the launching angle from SMT.

Here is a video of Mig-29SMT performing on MAKS 2009, starting from 7:50:

It is obvious that Mig-29SMT is quite agile, at least much more agile than how it is in War Thunder now.


Even before the SMT, I preferred facing a 29 over a 16, now it’s just sad. Really needs to be touched up to last patch, even if people will cry over it. It really wasn’t overperforming, and now with the 16 getting its flight model improved, it is kinda shafted.


Agreed, the Mig-29 was not going to beat F-16 in agility even in last patch. Now it is way too nerfed to be both unrealistic and not enjoyable in dogfights. Considering how it is still less agile than F-16 in last patch, I really think that improving Mig-29’s maneuverability to the standard of last patch won’t make them too op.


I’ve tried the SMT in test flight, so not even with performance modules, and it seems absolutely fine. I have no idea how people are saying this thing handles like a boat. It’s heavier than the 9-13 but it’s still very agile compared to most other planes. The F-16 shouldn’t be losing to any MiG-29 in a dogfight, especially not the SMT. That’s just a fact of reality.


It is never about winning over F-16 in dogfight, as I stated even for the better agility like last patch the Mig-29 will still lose a two circle fight to F-16. The problem with SMT now is that it will lose a dogfight not only to any F-16 but even an F-4. The MiG-29 shouldn’t win a two circle fight against F-16, but the margin should be quite close if we are talking about reality. Their turn rate is not that far apart, and MiG-29 even has advantage in first few turns or in one-circle fights. There are quite a few irl proofs for that close performance between Mig-29 and F-16, or we could look to the data of those in simulator games like DCS.

Again I am not asking to have Mig-29 to be agile enough to beat F-16, I just want SMT to be able to at least dogfight and not lose to planes like F-4 or Mig-21


You’re either exaggerating or have massive skill issue. You would have to try to lose a dogfight to a Phantom in the SMT, and that’s without the powerful missiles.

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You sound like Usa got jet from 1970’s while F-16C is actually 2006 version.

Right now F-16C beats Mig29 in any form of dogfight without any issue but you’re claiming its Russian Bias.

Very poor and funny claims.


Saying another person to having skill issues while having zero experience with SMT in Air rb is quite funny.

Ah yes F-16C is from 1984 but somehow it has access to 2006 HMS technology.

Nice try but you should do your research better, or should i say cope harder?


Well that statement is not my original and it is actually from Defyn in his video about SMT, and I am pretty sure he does not have massive skill issue. Also I am definitely only talking about gun only dogfight, I will not deny R-73 is the best IR missile we have here in WT, together with aim-9m

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Ahh yes the HMS tech def effects the flight model thats been around since 1984. You got me with those wicked mental gymnastics lol.

Talk about cope…


Wether you like it or not its 2006 F-16 model.

İf you’re gonna claim it doesnt have 2006 armament then let me remind you, neither SMT, Mirage2K or Harrier also have it.

İ suggest stop clowning yourself.

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I was trying to be as non-controversial and fair as I can in my post, but if you want to argue about Russian bias and argue about balance then let’s go.

First things first, War Thunder is a game with certain limitations making effectiveness of Planes/Tanks not the same as how they works in reality, and the Balance of the game is not based on any Era/Time/Year but on their capability in game and the artificially given Battle Rating or BR. So SMT from 2004 means nothing other than having better radar at the cost of worse dogfight capability, which in current version of game (everyone stick to the ground and no BVR fight) I actually prefer having better flight performance and worse radar.

And if you are only thinking about years then we can easily have Mig-29 with R-73 from the 1980s beat the sh*t out of F-16 and F-14 from the same era based on how there is no BVR in War Thunder as of now. That will be true Russian bias without any regard to balance but only to years. We will also be having Su-27 and F-15 now if we set the Era to 80s while all other nations will have to be crushed every game without a chance to fight back. Focusing on only years without regard to balance and BR system makes no sense at all. The artificial buff part is mainly due to your lack of understanding on how balance works in War Thunder as well as the typical American bias and arrogance in believing US should always be the best which is not always the case.

And just a few correction for your timetable: Mig-29 9.13 went in service in 1986, and the first SMT was already built and servicable back in 1998 even according to gaijin’s own devblog. It is only the lack of funding making it not going into serial production until 21st century.


Lmao, looks like someone didnt do their research properly again. You should check my service record instead of clowning yourself again.

Unlike you i dont need op vehicles to perform on average level, my skill level is already enough to perform on most air platform.

But no you have to complain every single thing about Russian vehicles while victimizing Us vehicles, smells like you’re the one having serious skill issues.

Average us main in nutshell :)


Nah he just loves to complain about how US is underperforming and acts like he’s the victim here while in reality Gaijin made F-16’s so strong that nothing can beat it in 1v1.

Every single post he made in this forum is about how US suffers while in reality its the quite opposite, he’s just like little kid who always wants to get his hands on best toys.

İf introduction date is the only thing matters then i want my Rafale with MICA missiles.

As a French Main i would like to give him some real bias actually, but this time it will be french bias.

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Just because Russia has 1 available in 1998 doesnt mean they could field them operationally. So 2004 would be the correct date, especially if as you say funding was the issue. I really dont get the point here other than saying Russia couldnt afford it until 2004. Ok…and?

My point was that the Mig-29SMT has significant upgrades from the Mig-29. While the F-16C is the same aircraft and performs the same since its introduction in 1984. There were no major engine upgrades like for example…the SMT got. So yea it does matter. If it doesnt ill take my F-16V. Ill take my Aim9Ms that were made in 1983 on my F-14B that entered service in 1986…oh wait. But then it suddenly matters right? Thats the bias.

You are flying a jet from an era when the US was fielding F-22s and are complaining about a F-16 made in 1984 and missiles from 1983. Let that sink in. Thats a hard pill to swallow.


The F-16 beats everything in real life that is currently in the game too. The Mig29 is good. Dogfighting ability is not the only virtue of a fighter. I can’t imagine how much you guys would moan if you were stuck with an actually bad jet like the Tornado.

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It’s a donkey take regardless of who said it. I don’t watch Defyn but from what I’ve heard they massive exaggerated everything.

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And you’re flying with a jet that comes from the same Era where Eurofighter Typhoon and Rafale flew, but its hard to accept it isnt it?

First Block-50 model was actually commissioned in 1991, you also got wrong on that part.

Not to mention F-16C recieved upgraded V7 radar which wasnt avaliable during its first commission.

Wether you like it or not this F-16 model is coming from 2006 and no matter how hard you try this will not change the reality.

İ suggest stop crying.


The SMT was given an unrealistic 180 degree radar from the 2010’s and has R-27ERs that are from no time because they perform so well in game they would literally be a super missile IRL if they worked the way Gaj has them in game. In fact its 100% the opposite as the R-27ER is considered one of the worst missiles ever made. 1 hit out of 30 fired in combat. The jet that got hit landed back at base, a wheel came off and they counted it as a kill. Im not joking. Ethiopian war for reference.

So you have a R-27ER that acts as a super amraam that can be fired with TWS mode IN FULL NOTCH with an unrealistic 180 degree radar.

You are literally, and I mean quite literally gifted two free easy kills on a platter in BVR. Then you have R-73s to fall back on from 1995. But wait…thats not enough. You need thrust vectoring now? lol.

Give me this unrealistic russian 180 degree radar and missile and I would laugh all the way to the top of the scoreboard every game. Thees guy? They cry about not being able to turn better than an F-16. Cope more.