MiG-29SMT: Strike From Beyond The Horizon

The MiG-29SMT multi-role jet fighter will arrive at the top of the line in the Soviet research tree. This highly advanced combat aircraft will appear in the next major update, “Sons of Attila”!

MiG-29SMT, jet fighter, USSR, rank VIII


  • Excellent performance.
  • Advanced air-to-air missiles.
  • Voice informer.
  • Lacks thermal vision.

The MiG-29SMT jet fighter was a further development over the standard MiG-29 model during a series of modernizations, with the aim to transform the aircraft into a multi-role fighter that would be capable of using a wide range of modern guided weapons. During these modernizations, the MiG-29 received larger fuel tanks, improved radar and the ability to use high-precision air-to-surface weapons. Inside the cockpit, multi functional displays, a HUD, and other modern avionics were integrated. Tests of the first MiG-29SMT that were converted under the new program were completed in 1998, but due to a lack of funding, serial production did not start. The program returned in the early 2000s, when a batch of MiG-29SMTs produced for Algeria were returned by the customer. The Russian Government bought the returned aircraft from the MiG Corporation, which began to be delivered to the Russian Air Force in 2009.

The new top of the line jet in the Soviet aviation research tree will please pilots with its advanced avionics, great missiles for air combat, and excellent flying capabilities. In the “Sons of Attila” major update, the MiG-29SMT will also be one of the first aircraft to feature a voice informer, known as “Rita”! Let’s take a look at the details.

The MiG-29SMT will certainly be a formidable force to fight with and against, as its capability in air and ground battles is superb. This variant does not have a separate sighting system for launching air-to-surface guided weapons, but does offer two new types of weaponry. These are the KAB-500Kr-E bombs, which have a television seeker that operate on the 'fire and forget' principle, as well as the Kh-29TD rockets that have a launch range of 35 km! Alongside this, you’ll be able to take traditional bombs, parachute retarded bombs, or incendiary bombs, as well as small, medium, S-8 and S-130 rockets into battle. Unguided weapons on the MiG-29SMT will be easy to use, thanks to markers from the ballistic computer, which precisely indicates where to release. Having said this, the MiG-29SMT lacks a thermal imager, which does make its CAS potential in ground battles a little lackluster comparatively.

Download Wallpaper:

However, the main purpose of the MiG-29SMT is: aerial combat! The maximum speed of this aircraft is about Mach 2, combined with a great climb rate and impressive maneuverability, making this a remarkable plane to fly. The air-to-air missiles on the MiG-29SMT are capable of being used at medium and beyond-visual ranges. Therefore, compared to the regular MiG-29 the R-60M is not available, but in its place is the formidable R-73. In addition, the MiG-29SMT can carry the R-27T, R-27R, R-27ER and also the R-27ET, which has a lock range in all aspect of 4.8km and a speed of 5.8 M. At gunfighting ranges, the MiG-29SMT also comes equipped with a GSh-30-1 30 mm cannon.

The MiG-29SMT will appear in War Thunder, very soon — as part of the “Sons of Attila” major update! That’s all for now, be sure to follow the rest of our dev blogs, where we’ll be showing more cool additions in the next update!

You can greatly speed up the research of the MiG-29SMT with this premium pack:

MiG-23ML Pack
MiG-23ML Pack
The Kit Includes:
  • MiG-23ML (USSR, Rank VII)
  • 2500 Golden Eagles
  • Premium account for 20 days

Is there any chance that we might see the 300lb HE warhead variants of the AGM-65 (-65E /-F / -G) at some point since their Russian IIR Counterpart(s) have now been added?



@Smin1080p didn’t you say on the forums only a few weeks ago that the R-73 wouldn’t be coming to jets like the mig29 any time soon?

Indeed. This was in response to questions on the current MIG-29s. They will not be receiving the missile.


@Smin1080p Will the Mig29SMT receive better engines to counteract the weight of the plane?

How convienient :)


Is that just this update or not ever? I guess the devs really can’t hide thier anti german bias anymore. Especially after you all have been teasing r73 on those aircraft since January. I know you specifically don’t control these situations but its more than mildly frustrating. Germany never even used the r27er and did use the r73, yet they can’t get access to the kit they used and get fantasy equipment. Since they’re getting fantasy equipment anyway is there any chance of them getting r27et? I made an entire thread asking this question and we couldn’t even get a damned answer until now. The devs even added the r27et to the yak141. These kinds of decisions don’t make people want to grind the new tree for the vehicle. They drive people away from the game.

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And what do you propose that Germany, Japan, China and Sweden do? If they don’t get the missiles?


Play the big two or gtfo basically. The UK used improved 9Ls, and 9Ms on their harriers, but we aren’t getting them lmao. As if us lacking a top tier fighter wasn’t bad enough.


I like to see the range of the KH-29TD, but there is a problem here.
In the game from 16 or 12km the tanks do not render.
Will there be any improvement or change in the rendering theme?


The Harrier GR.7 will get the Aim9M…

So why is Russia the only nation getting a new 12.3 MiG-29? It’s not very fair.


Use their already meta 12.0s & use throttle management better.

Aim-9Ms are coming to at least GR7.


Thank you for giving us the garbage export variant , worse radar and worse RWR with worse engines compared to domestic variant,while being 1 ton heavier than the regular MİG-29

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Show me british or swedish “meta” 12.0…

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Beyond The Horizon

There is no horizon in this game due to flat ground. LOL