MiG-29SMT: Strike From Beyond The Horizon

Gaijin is an Hungarian company.

Hey… Uh… I don’t mean to be a piece of shit or anything… but…
The aircraft is oriented slightly too far to the right.

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The best missiles in WT are going to Harriers & F-16s, AIM-9Ms.
You’d know this if you paid attention.
Stop with the bigotry & banned topics.
Britain gets Gripen at minimum BTW.
As for Viggen, I flew it on dev server a number of times against players in random & custom battles in the past.
300+ countermeasures, a cold engine, and 4x AIM-7Ls which are being buffed next major.
It’ll be survivable against missiles, arguably the most survivable due to its design.

Not being the greatest dogfighter doesn’t mean it’s not solid, after all, Mig-29SMT can be beaten by Kfir C2.

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Mig29smt have series 3 rd33 engine with 8300kgf thurst, fly by wire system for compensating the extra tons, and the kh29td have a thermal seeker. I try the mig29smt in the dev server and awful, like a flying brick but the first unnerfed r73 works pretty good. Buuut the r73 get massive thurst vector nerf to unrealstic level.
So i dont understand. Where is the excellent performance and the advanced air to air missles.
Dont lie to players pls


i play sweeden, russia, china and i now grind france. just pretty cringe the “excellent performance” and the “advanced air to air missle”. aim9m is the advanced aam not the nerfed r73.


No one’s lying tho.
Gaijin’s trying to get thrust vectoring code as accurate as possible, along with IRCCM of AIM-9M correct as possible [which still should be stronger than R-73].
Congrats on 3 + 1 nations, by the by.
I hope you enjoy France more than I have.


well its clear you cant read

the aim9m more better than first gen r73 like flare resist or smokeless engine its 100% real. but the r73 have better maneuver ability.

idk i need the m2000 but i get 3-4 stroke /day in my mirage f1c200 when i get always 12.0

Will we get tyres as ERA?

Russian bias… :(

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It’s funny that fanboys of Russian equipment, like Slow & Vox, think most of the War Thunder community are trolls for believing that Russian equipment is not the best in the world.
The fact that I’m accused of being a troll, exclusively by Russia fans is telling.

so funny they hide my post cause they know its true LMAO

I guess the Mig-29SMT is an excuse to not add the Archer to other Mig-29, especially not of Germany’s… If Gajin would have added it to the currently existing Mig-29A, there would have been no easy excuse to deny it for Ger. The new Mig-29 SMT is perfect: The new missile is just for this new jet and since Germany doesn’t get any new Mig, they also can’t get the Archer system. Also look at the ground addition, Gajin is hell of creative if its to deny German tech to German tech tree.

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I would rather see the regular Mig 29 have it’s R27ERs removed and replace the r60m with r73 to keep a difference between models. I would rather have 4 good missiles than 2 great ones.
This new variant can have all the new toys but let’s not gimp the older one for a difference of 0.3 in BR.

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9.12 & 9.13 cannot fire R-77s.
Which is why F-4F ICE is needed for Germany in order to have an ARH slinger.

Cause the SMT’s airframe is the worst Mig-29 for dogfighting ever produced, so it’s a good balancing factor for the new missiles it receives.
That and more 12.3s are clearly on the way in about 6 - 8 weeks.

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Why would be the airframe relevant for a missile of that capability? The lock angle is huge, the G-overload is huge. You don’t need to maneuver alot to shot it.

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What does r77 have to do with the older migs being screwed out of r73 and r27et?


I believe that gaijin maybe a plan add R-77, R-77-1 and R-27ET replace with R-27EA in the future

Cause missiles don’t carry the plane alone, missiles augment the plane.
It’s why A5C is 10.0 while Jag is 10.3. Jag with its slightly better airframe helps.
Tornado IDS at 11.0 vs A-10 at 10.0.
IDK if the differences between the lighter airframe Mig-29s & SMT are drastic enough for a 0.3 difference later on, 12.7 vs 12.3, but it’s entirely possible it happens.

Su25 is 10.0 but su25bm is 11.3, just because of r73.

Missiles don’t carry plane alone, sure, except when it’s OP bullshit like R73 and R27ER…