MiG-29A armament discussion, how it affects gameplay and why the current state is bad

In my opinion its unfair that the US, USSR, Israel get 35/40G missiles, at this stage of the game, not to mention the fact that they both now have fairly modern aircraft in their tech trees (F16C, MiG29SMT…)
germany wont get a new fighter for a while, yet historically its mig29 had the r73 missile, i partially understand not giving the soviet and german mig23 the R73, but not giving it to the MIG29A makes NO sense. germany only suffers now cause everything from 11.3 on gets sucked into 12.3 now. What is your opinion on this topic?

This is basically Gaijin making sure Germany is left behind for a few patches before finally getting them up to speed (spoiler: it happened many times before, and at times them “getting up to speed” consisted of receiving the same airplane but nerfed in one way or another for no reason what’so’ever - fx F-4F not receiving 9Ls when MiG-23MLD was already in the game, and both were just 0.3 BR apart - their excuse being “F-4F is performing well” but it had 0.4 K/D ratio and ~25% WR on average on many accounts).

As far as I know, Smin said that a future MiG-29 in the German TT will get R-73s - that airplane being the MiG-29G, which is a copy & paste of the existing DDR MiG-29A 9-12 in every single important way. Basically, they are just making sure the grind is longer…