MIG-29 Sniper for Germany?

MiG-29 Sniper is a Romanian upgrade package for the MiG-29 to attract potential buyer sadly it was cancelled in 2001. The upgraded was contracted to DASA(Germany),Elbit(Israel) and Aerostar Bacau(Romanian). The DASA was responsible for program management and flight testing.

DASA Test pilot Wolfgang Schirdewann (born in Germany) took flight in May, 5, 2000 in the MiG-29 Sniper for 42min.

The plane itself got upgraded to NATO standard, HOTAS control, new MFD, HUD, HMD, Radios and RWR.

ive yet to known the exact RWR it uses, there also talks about upgrading the radar and using western armament or missile while still being able to use russian ones. I dont know if it did proceed as the program got cancelled. I think it would still be a good addition seeing how MiG-21 Bison got added to Britain.

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Either to the USSR or to a Romanian tree/subtree


Why would Germany gets this what just because a German company did the flight testing like what is this

which iirc would put it in… Italy.

I mean alright I’m sure the Italians would like that


No as said in the IAR-81 blog minor axis nations home is now in Italy.
And if people say Hungary is there sub and can’t have another one well,

France - Benelux is coming in the next update.
and Smin confirmed India is Britain’s second sub.

India should not be under UK. After 1947 they went different paths. Its like USSR having China as a subtree.

I agree with this but hey it’s gaijin lol

Romanian subtree for Germany? For air atleast.
MIG-29 Sniper
MIG-21 Lancer
F-16AM, BM

Nope look at my comment

gonna disappoint you:

Hs 129 and IAR-81 are… well, in the Italian TT.

So any romanian additions are going there… or if its a MiG-29, Russia.
Germany has… no relationship to the MiG-29 as is, and only one of three contractors here are German… the airframe design is also still fundamentally Russian


Why would Germany get Romania?

Idk. They have a popo air tree

They want the world and using the British model of complaining : P


Not really just because right now they are at a top tier disadvantage does not mean next update they will be. Also German low and mid tiers are good.


Yeah. I can agree on this but italy has too much shit

I say it’s one of the better ones at low to mid tier just people watch the docs and say I want to be a Tiger ace lol.

They do. If it was me they would be a French subtree.

Germany likely won’t get a competitive top tier aircraft until tranche 1 EuroFighter and who knows how long that could be, could be an entire year

I mean, they got along well with the french but that is kinda the only connection with them

How ?

I say they are on the Average to small range you clearly not played America have you