MIG-29 Sniper for Germany?

I have the U.S, Germany and the USSR

Has have I and yea it’s kinda medium the Italian one is

Well what can you do? Just play other tiers. And german ground at top tier is domanting right now with the new 2A7V.


do you know what italy was like Apex Predators

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Ok, chill. I would like to see Romania in game although they have shit tanks and not very good planes irl. Only thing keeping the Romanian air force alive is the U.S air force :)) lmao

I mean I could ask for a Bulgarian Su-25 for Italy hehe.

I will just play other nations instead

Bulgarian Su-25 is an Su-25K which is a skin in the USSR tech tree. So no you wont get it.

Good idea always have a back up

what’s a bulgania

I mean skins are just well skins so doesn’t really mean anything but yea I want to see some salt flow lol.

Spelling error

The skin kinda means that you aren’t getting it. Also your getting another AMX what more could you want?

Googles ex Italian colonies with Su-25s

I mean… France got the F-16AM why can’t Italy get? right?

You guys are about to get literally the best 3rd gen jet, Germany is set for the next few years.



no… no no

rather for italy as romania sub-tree/event

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Ngl but a premium Mig sound nice since the haven’t gotten a rank 8 premium yet.

Romania is officially in the italian tech tree.


I’ve just realised these two questions are from the same person lol.