Mig-29 r73 is too op

Now the old Mig-29 is as good as F-14b and F-16.
After update it will be much too op, so F-16 needs it’s historical missiles (Aim-9m, Aim-7p and AIM-120).

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cope its dev server everything can be changed

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During the livestream seeing how he shot the missile at a 180 degree angle it just did a full turn and locked on was kinda sus.

Definitely something seemed off.

no R-73 irl is able to do that is historical

Did u play it or saw it on Youtube? I actually played on dev server and this missile isn’t OP at all. I fired 3 missiles against player who used flares, none of them hit enemy. In another battle I made 3 or 4 kills. Another battles all R-73 gone to flares. I think it’s all RNG.

I played the F16C and MIG29SMT on the development server.
There are definitely situations where the R73 makes tremendous kills, but they are very limited.
Basically, you can avoid them by dealing with them the same way you would a typical IR missile, and if that’s all you do, I don’t think you’ll have a problem.
But given the superiority of the R27ER in BVR, the F16C should have missiles like the AIM9M.

I bet the F-16C will get something new in future updates, and it will be comparable to the SMT … but until then, USSR will be op.

At least USA is getting the F-16C, the res of countries get nothing 12.3 …

heavy skill issue usamain noises. drop 1 flare and 100% counter the r73 but i guess your skill not enough to “push one button”


R-73s only have maneuverability during their burn.
Their flare resistance against non-AB targets isn’t strong.
And 9L flare resistance against AB targets is almost as if not as strong.
AIM-120 isn’t needed against R-73s.
And Aim-9M might not be necessary based on current R-73 & 9L flare resist.

No RNG, just non-AB targets are finally, finally separated from AB plumes for once.

if the missile is less than 1.5km its near unflare able if you are not running reinforced flares at least that’s what i have found doing tests with a friend you basically have to flare it in the first few seconds of launch before the gate can close at 2km which needs to be as it comes of the rail

Missiles in custom battles work better IR and Radar alike.

we were in game killing each other in rb games

So are Aim-9s but they have not implemented it. Wonder why only one nation gets thrust vectoring missiles.

Britain has had thrust vectoring missiles for years and years now, and no sidewinders short of 9X can do that

2 op yes

r73 get massive trust vector nerf and the aim9m usamain skill optimalized like in this video. just no noskills call op the r73

its really not to difficult to counter all you got to do is maneuver hard while flaring and it will lose you pretty quick R73 will fall for the same trick.
The f14 in that video is doing exactly how you counter Aim9M its just that they used a slow harrier instead

Aim9m more better than r73 at the moment. I dont care the aim9m unflareable ability just put back the normal trust vector to the r73