Mig 29 Nerf?


Yeah, its true. R27ER and the Mig-29 were both nerfed. You have no chance vs. F-16’s anymore. Aim-9L is far better than these crappy R-60M and AIM-9M is far, far better than R-73 Archer. Then you’ve got less CMs, an inferior gun… Despite of all that Mig-29 FM was again nerfed and even more weight added…now you’re DOA. its an F-16-only game, the Mig is dead.


Hmmm maybe they are preparing to add lets say… a certain… Flanker.

and what US will get the f-15 and still be op?

What nerf to R-27ER?

If it’s realistic - tough luck. I’m assuming GJN must have had a concrete source if they were forced to nerf a Russian vehicle.

It’s not realistic. It’s not the first time either, the mig-29 on apex preditors launch day was absolutely dogshit horrific. No ER, broken radar, even the tornado turned better than it (no joke). US winrates were like 90% but no complaints there ofc. Took them 2-3 months to give it a proper FM (while it was still lacking AoA). And now here we go again


nearly all capabilities (tracking bugs, range bugs, manoeuvrability bugs, the whole lot)

yeah i think they messed with the modifiers and now this is an unintended consequence


US win rates were 90%? That’s statistically impossible. The US fights itself 99% of the time in top tier Air RB. At best, they would be slightly above 50% for the 1/100 game where it’s US vs. Russia.

Not at that time. Most games where usa (and others) vs ussr. The thing was every usa main paypigged instantly, to the point it was 12 F-16 (spaded) vs at best 1-2 mig29 and 10 premiums flown by you know…

That’s why.

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It’s like this ever since they added the f-14

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I’ve been playing for years and especially since the F-14A came out. It seemed to me like every game was US v. US. And the Mig 29 was better than the F-14A on release.

quit yalls puffin


You’ve flown a Mig29?

Yeah no. That’s complete bullshit.

Good, it was ridiculously OP.

He’s just on the standard Russia-main cope tantrum.

Yeah I have

I should’ve said f4 instead. The tornado is just uh.

Great arguement

Totaly no biases from here at all

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Do you even have top tier little dude


bros highest plane is the p47


do you even have toptier dude?


Do you even have toptier dude?

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Do you even have toptier?

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Check my profile if you want. I have top tier UK, US, and Russia.

Keep coping.