MiG-23 Nerf Discussion

Thatusy be the why F-16 is still a UFO and Su-27 is a brick very surely.

Despite gaijin acknowledging F-16 6 months ago

F-16A is fine according to the devs and won’t be changed.
F-16C as well probably.

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F-16 overperformance was addressed and will not be amended according to Gaijin. They can’t fix the issue until instructor is overhauled or they brick mouse aim. Similar issues for Su-27, M2K, Gripen. The MiG-23 series is being fixed within a few weeks of the report being made. There is no other reason for the timing.

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Bout time those Migs got brought into line. Took far longer than it should have but hey, it’s something.


You’re still gonna eat the R-24R because you don’t know how to fly low to the ground or avoid rushing the middle of the map

Even when you get into a dogfight you’re still gonna lose cuz you don’t understand any ACM.

Right. Worthless post from you that makes it clear you don’t know my playstyle, not that the post has any relevancy to begin with.


MLD will still be able to dogfight most likely so yeah

can i get the source, so i can read it?

how lol

Gaijin still hasnt nerfed the Mig-23, and we STILL dont have devblogs.

Next week might be a big week ;)

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Looses lock and still tracks

You can lose lock but not lose track. The missile speed gates kept it from tracking the chaff and the radar was still providing emissions highlighting the target.

it doesnt track after lock ,it has IOG, you’re confused.

It doesn’t track, but because of IOG, it maintains it’s last calculated intercept. Which the Sparrows should also do, but instead just go neutral input, because people were complaining “the AIM-7 is acting like AMRAAM” as it was put on the old forum

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I haven’t seen evidence any sparrow in game should have IOG

At this point, probably will come as part of the next major. Im doubting anything other than critical patches between now and then

IOG is not required for the Sparrow to maintain it’s last calculated intercept IRL

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true, some missiles did had a memory, iirc even the matra 530 had one to specifically counter chaffs, and would work kinda like ins in game when it detected chaffs, but they could just introduce the aim 7 p which if im not mistaken had an on board computer and DL

Of course I am getting corrected by someone who probably doesn’t even have a high school education

I think you took that wrong, irl it does but in game no