MiG-23 Nerf Discussion


What are you talking about? That’s what I do, and it still hits, when your the size of a Harrier, your radar cross-section is still really large. It always manages to hit me.

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not flying low enough

I mean, 100ft on the radar altimeter is pretty damn low. I mean, to be fair, the harrier would not even fly if it wasn’t for the MASSIVE thrust output of the RR Pegasus, it is literally a brick with wings.

Its the IOG on the R-24R. It just means that were Skyflash/Aim-7 will lawn dart at a target as high as 300ft. The R-24R will just fly straight, its annoying as hell. But it means that R-24R has a higher chance of still hitting a target hugging the deck. Ive been hit by them flying as low as 50-100ft before


Beacuse this Nerf is based on false information.

They say changes will be made to all mig-23/27 variants.

But after my research mig-23mld,s flight performance seemed to accurate as it is thought, witch makes sense beacuse its lighter, better avionics, new engine etc.

But yeah makes sense to tune other variants eksept MLD

What source did you use for the MLD

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24r is op don’t argue

the fact MLD can pull 8.5+ G in irl and with gaijin,s G policy you need to multiply 8.5 with 1.5 witch is 12.75 witch is where it says extreme overload so yeah+ a bunch of websites state it can pull 8.5+ G

it also has something to do with wing strength and wing rip, but i am kind of to lazy to calculate it

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Higher maximum overload has no bearing on sustained turn rate performance. The MLD will be nerfed in accordance with the others.


i know. i am just worried it will be nerfed to much.

also its kind of known for being able to keep up with gen 4 fighters to some degree.

-we all know why they are nerfing the mig-23,s now and not right after they got added, Russia is getting a new top tier premium with r77 lol

Its russian. They’ll probably not nerf it enough, or find some other way to buff it. But yes, Russia is probably getting a new top tier premium.

Kind sums up the problem. An 11.3 that could cope vs 12/12.3s and never moved up…

Im dreading that when the Tornado F3 gets its FM fixed and buffed. That we’ll move up in BR instantly


well give mld its r-73 and move it up to 11.7 maybe

poor tornado,s tho

I think Mig-23 with R-73s and R-77s may be your premium but its gunna be like 12.3/12.7.

But if F3 ever moves up. Its gunna need its missing Aim-9Ms


Ding ding ding, a technical moderator said that the nerf won’t be at like 20% as outlined in the report, but more like at 10% nerf.


Yep, no surprise there…

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I cant but packs beacuse i have a console account playing on pc🥲

Mig-21-93 got passed so maybe its that

Well. according to the leak list. Britain is getting the Mig-21BISON from India which would be R-73s and R-77s. But god I hope so much that is wrong

The timing has nothing to do with any other plans. Most FM fixes due to reports are done within 2 weeks of the report being made. It just so happens it was shown in a report recently that they were overperforming and now they are being fixed. There is no other motive for the timing.

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You sure about that👽