MiG-23 Nerf Discussion

Why are you mad? I literally just told you it has IOG and not tracking? They are different things. There in some irony in you trying to insult my intelligence while you’re being corrected on a technical detail…

Wasn’t mad just confused lol, thanks for your view


Ok, I’ve done my part to de-escalate the situation, seems like you want to stick with it

You JUST insulted me? You have literally said nothing other than what I quoted in my last post and now these two replies

can you guys just agree that R24,s are good and mig-23 is good to -_-

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okay good ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

  • have they even nerfed the plane yet? says fixed but no datamine,s etc
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I dont think so. Im guessing now it will drop as part of the next major update as we are relatively close to it

Makes sense

i think its a bruh

What if the Don’t nerf the Mig but instead buff it for some dumb reason? now would that not be hell.

Could come before, could come with

ahh okay.

heard mld wont really change that much, witch makes me happy :)

That makes me unhappy. Was kinda looking forward to this nerf. Level the playing field a bit for aircraft like the FGR2 at the same BR

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i can understand your point of view. mld is one of my favorite planes.

i would be fine if they moved it up to 11.7 and gave it its r-73,s

Im surprised its not 11.7 with its current loadout to be honest.

At the very least, It should be 11.7 in SB. A lot of 11.3s are 11.7 in SB except the MLD. Kinda annoying. We’ll have to wait and see what affect this change actually has. But even just things like the Mig-23MLs getting nerfed a bit will help. They already have the wrong BR in SB (MLA which I think is identical is 0.3 BR higher than the ML) and are a bit of menace and more common than the MLDs


I would take anything RideR2 says with deep suspicion as it has become clear that the information he is claiming in his reports is incorrect and that the “tests” that he claims to have run are faulty. It’s clear that he is simply spamming these reports on these planes in an attempt to be annoying and ruin the game for others. As you can see in the images I’ve attached, his testing is clearly not up to par, and his motivation for doing the report is clearly not for the betterment of the game, and rather to frustrate others. Thankfully, the devs have responded to his reports denying his claims.

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What his motivation is has nothing to do with the merit of the report. If 1+1 =2 is true, then it does not matter who is saying it or what their motivations may be behind the statement.

Also, Gaijin devs will do their own testing and come to their own conclusions rather than accepting his results. They will look at the materials and then examine it for themselves.

I advise you to not keep getting butthurt over this.


I advise you to see the fact that he is lying about his testing and that the devs have responded to at least half of his reports disputing his tests. Considering that he is deliberately misrepresenting his tests and results from said tests, it’s clear that his report does not have merit.