MiG-23 Nerf Discussion

In the manual it says that the plane should have 6.5G limit with wings fully out when it carries a full air-to-air loadout + around 40% of fuel.
That can be quite brutal, even with the 1.5 multiplier (9.75G, lower than the F8U from WT in similar condition, I tested it and it could reach 11.5G before breaking its wings with 42% of fuel and 4x AIM-9D)

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so is that good or bad?

dont be bad :(

F8U is quite known in WT for the fact that it’s snapping its wings very often and the G-load for the MiG-23 will be 2G lower for wings fully out.
So could be snapping its wings even more often when you start to fly with manual wing angle controls.
No changes to the 45 deg (or 50%) position, so the default one when you fly with automatic wing controls.

so not that much of a change then, i fly with my wings fully swept anyway so lol

so pretty much lower speed performance

  1. Just avoid the launch angle and 2. better yet, sometimes I just climb over them and force them to switch to LD/SRC to track me and that makes them chaffable.
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You guys are crying when there is no nerf and now also when there is a nerf ? Are you ever happy ?

Frankly I’m convinced the only reason this performance correction wasn’t done earlier is because they hadn’t yet released the next top tier USSR premium. Presumably that is changing with this coming patch and that’s why this correction has finally been decided to go through. Won’t cut off their golden goose until the next one has hatched. If it had been a tech tree plane in any other tech tree would have gone through immediately.

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This is why I’m grinding away like hell in my ml right now. Because I think you’re absolutely right. Got to make sure I get my money’s worth before the Nerf.

I’ll sit on the deck in my harrier, and won’t be able to dodge it, compared to the AIM-7 which will hit the ground really easily. Harrier flies like a brick anyway.

Yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised by that as well. Though guessing mig23s will go down in BR next change though

Is the MLD the same or did it get shafted as well?

Isnt it every single Mig-23?

No clue, MLD feels the same to me. But I haven’t played it in years to be sure

same, although the report was made on the ml and mld is ligher and better avionics etc

Has it even dropped yet? Thought it was coming with next major

says fixed

Hmm… surprised there wasnt a patch note for that change. Unless the tech mod was supposed to put “fixed soon” or something and made a mistake


i am not sure, but maybe

Just hug the deck and it can’t hit you…

The R-24R?