MiG-23 in China

I have knew that China obtained a handful of MiG-23s(and a few other vehicles like a BMP-1) from Egypt. However, it was mostly claimed as a single MiG-23MS or a few of the variants. Other souces claims that MiG-23BN was also transferred to China, namely the ones cited by wiki. There are only MS variants present in current museums, namely Minsk and Kyiv theme parks and Xiaotangshan memorial. Would be very glad to see more sources on the matter.

Plus, what will the MiG-23MS bring? Its kit is rather lacking but this could mean a lower BR.

There’s 3 varients of MiG-23 in China: UB, BN and MS
The one in Xiaotangshan is the MS, UB is in a park in Jingmen and BN is still in the Kiev
There’s no floggers in Minsk

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Ewww no way, but they should get a North Korean MiG29K

The MS has a MiG-21M radar and can only guide basic R3Rs and use R-13Ms.
You don’t want it, believe me


i dont think they have 29K

The collection though

MiG-23M with MiG-21 radar and lack of R-23.

Actually, that sounds like an amazing lower tier (~10.3?) premium/event vehicle, though more likely for the USSR

The mig 23s in China are mainly museum pieces and aren’t even good variants. If u want to argue for a mig 23 to be put in the Chinese tree, I suggest the North Korean Mig 23-ML and no more.

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AFAIK PLA have tested these Floggers with full armament
If SW could get a ballastic target Tiger II, a operated MiG-23 is not impossible for CN, US (also bought from Egypt) and IL (defected from Syria)

They have MiG 29 (9.13B) and 9.12B

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ik, i responded to the thread

Correct, just these two variants (and a few trainer aircraft).

Regarding the MiG-23 though, North Korea operate the MiG-23ML. I’m in the process of creating a North Korean air sub-tree suggestion, so if added for China, that’s a way it could get the MiG-23.

Oh. Didn’t notice sorry