MiG-29 (9.13B) – The KPAAF's Best

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MiG-29 (9.13B)



In the late 1980s-early 1990s, North Korea received a number of MiG-29s from the Soviet Union / Russia. First deliveries in 1987 included 13 MiG-29 (9.12B) and 2 trainer aircraft, but the last delivery in 1991-1992 was of 10 MiG-29 (9.13B)'s in semi-knocked down kit, requiring construction at Panghyŏn air base upon delivery. The DPRK was the only Cold War export customer and licensed manufacturer of the Fulcrum-C. Only 3 were built however, with Russia abandoning the program after major delays with construction and complications with payment. These 3 aircraft remain in service to this day, as the most advanced fighters in the KPAAF’s arsenal. The first photos of these aircraft were obtained when North Korea intercepted a US RC-135S Cobra Ball over the Sea of Japan in 2003.

The MiG-29 (9.13B), also referred to as the S-13, is a specific export version of the standard 9.13. Much like the standard 9.13, the 9.13B includes the installation of the L-203BE Gardenyia-1 jammer and the associated larger spine, but has downgraded avionics, including the lack of IFF.

North Korea have a wide range of AAMs in their arsenal, including R-60, R-73 and R-27R/ER. This would give the MiG-29 9.13B identical missile loadouts to the in-game MiG-29 9.12 and 9.13s, with potential for R-73 bringing it up to a BR of 12.3-12.7 (although I am not very well informed about top-tier jets, radars, etc. and whether that would be balanced; if someone more knowledgable could give their thoughts, I’d appreciate it!).


  • MiG-29 (unknown variant) firing R-60

Otherwise, the North Korean MiG-29 remains identical to the standard MiG-29 9.13. There is some very limited photographic evidence that at least 1 MiG-29 (likely a 9.12, serial number 550) had a modified cockpit, including a new MFD, which may indicate capabilities closer to the MiG-29 SMT.

  • MiG-29 cockpit with new MFD

Whether this upgrade also includes the 3 9.13Bs, or whether it went any further than 1 test vehicle, is unknown.

If North Korean aircraft were to be added to the game (in either a North Korean sub-tree, or a United Korean tree), the MiG-29 (9.13B) would be the best they could receive (for now, who knows what they’ll buy/develop in the future). It would either occupy a BR of 12.0, the same as the other MiG-29 9.12/9.13s in game, or could potentially go higher if given R-73s, and thus 12.0 could go to the standard 9.12s that the KPAF also use.

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Length: 17.3m
Width: 11.4m
Height: 4.73m
Weight: 18.5t
Engine: 2x Klimov RD-33
Maximum Speed: 2,448km/h

Countermeasures: 60x

Primary Armament: GSh-30-1 30mm autocannon
Suspended Armament: R-27R, R-60, R-73

Note: Images of the 9.13B specifically appear scarce. MiG-29 serial number 555 specifically is a 9.13B, and maybe the only one in public view at the moment, and so the only modern and good detail images I have are of that particular plane.



  • R-60 under wing


Various photos of #555:





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Rare photo of North Korean MiG-29 Firing an R-60 AAM Emerges After Kim Jong Un’s Visit to Sunchon Airbase - The Aviationist

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  • Cockpit view, 21:33-21:37

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