MiG-23 Flare Bug

hello i think mig 23ml got a flare bug after update it only has 12 countermeasures from flare pod and other 60 of its own doesnt work .
in the description of mig 23 it still says it should have that 60
pls fix it

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The same bug is happening to me with my MiG 23 MLA, somehow I had 72 flares and I dropped all of them in one go, then I went to setting and now I only have 12 flares

Same with Harrier GR7

yea im assuming its affecting a few aircrafts and hopefully they hot fix it soon because it made the jets affected near useless

Same for jaguar is. I choose to spawn with 30 flares and 30 chaffs but all i have is 2 flares when i spawn

I restarted and on mig 23 counter measures are back to normal.

Same on Mirage 2k-5F