MiG-21SPS-K is ... odd

So… the MiG-21SPS-K is in my opinion quite undertiered. I understand its not available for purchase anymore but its surprising to me how this thing can carry countermeasures, r60 missiles, r13m1 missiles (not even 10.3 MiGs have them), r3r missiles and has a great-ish airframe all at 9.7. This is miles better than The Hunter F.58 and MiG-21S which sit at the same br. Im not saying it should go to 10.3 with the other MiGs but a little justice to 10.0 wouldnt hurt I’d say. Pictures from the wiki.

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Also tell me if I should not post this here and instead in machinery of war cuz after posting i realized and now Im unsure.

You can rly post anywhere, I just recommend doing it in game discussion general

It has worse engine that MiG-21S, CMs replace gun(SPS-K isn’t a plane like Cheat Vixen to be good w/o gun).

to sum up the SPS-K

it’s a GDR MiG-21PFM

it has a worse Engine and radar compared to the 21S, it must choose between fuel tank, Cannon and CMs on the centerline hard point and it has only 2 wing harspoints

so you have to choose between gun and CMs and between 4× R3S/R and 2× R-60/13M1

if you choose better missiles + gun you won’t have CMs
if you choose better missiles + CMs you’ll have exactly 2 attempts to kill before returning to base
if you choose worse missiles you’ll either be a MiG-21S with worse radar and engine or a MiG-21S with worse radar and engine and no gun

in total the BR us justified


Oh I forgot the SPS-K owners have actual skill meaning my average ahh amateur gets clapped by vets

You haven’t done your research well enough. The SPS-K can choose between having a gun, or having countermeasures. That is what makes it 9.7.

Also, R-13M1s are not super powerful missiles as you’ve made them out to be, and neither are R-3Rs. The Hunter F.58 is in my opinion a better jet than the MiG-21SPS-K.

SPS-K is also a FIRST GENERATION mig-21 platform in performance. It is slow and doesn’t gain speed as well compared to later 21s like the 21MF or 21SMT at 10.3.

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Sadly i still get clapped by them when they carry countermeasures :/

The issue with it is that it can either carry a gun or countermeasures

Also to use an R-13M1/R-60 you lose two R-3R/S missiles

If they have CMs they don’t have guns so literally just turn into them? What are they going to do?

If they have no guns just kill them with a missile (or get a friendly to do it since it’s incredibly easy to make a Mig-21 slow) and if they have CM then just dogfight them (they can’t launch missiles at such close range on a turning target)

Sadly i cant know it till i get shot down or get my missile evaded, guess its just get over F4C and move onto F4E then eh

you’re complaining about F-4C, not MiG-21s. The F-4C is just underpowered.

The F-4C is in no way underpowered, it just requires a very specific playstyle (and is pretty uptier/downtier dependant)

It’s underpowered. Doesn’t do well in air RB at all atm under any role.

The skill difference between most mig21(unbis) players compared to sps-ks is still pretty masive tho which has been my profit base for s long time

so what you’re saying is it’s fun in the same way as a dark souls game?

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dark souls 1 is the one I have experience with and that was fair but challenging. those words do not apply to the f4c

100% agree.